Blackout Thursday

I was off yesterday and today, so I had quite a bit of downtime. I ended up spending a few hours on the computer yesterday, part spent working on my now huge project of getting my iTunes library in order, and the rest of the time playing DDO. In the evening I got off the computer and headed to my girlfriend’s to hang out.

Today I awoke at her house, then came home, went to my Mom’s for lunch, then continued on with my music project. I’m nearing the end of the N’s now, but have gone through adding songs that weren’t there (either from cds or from Limewire), or cleaning out ones I don’t care too much for. #-M is complete, unless I make another pass and find other things that are missing. Of course, I’m always looking for new music to listen to, and some bands I enjoy have released new albums recently. I’ve also had a few songs from bands that I don’t really care for grow on me from listening to the radio at work, so I’ve added a few select songs. To my dismay, at about 4:15 the power went out, and for the next three hours I had nothing in particular to do. Me and Ted played some ping-pong, then we worked on a new song for the band. The power finally came back on and I was back to work. I’m currently working on the project as I write this, but I’m nearing my fill with the job. It’s time to play some DDO or see my lady, whichever comes first.

Speaking of DDO I’m still having a good time with the game. It’s been good to have a game to play that I’m actually enjoying… you can tell you enjoy a game when you get in that zone where the time actually flies, and you feel like you didn’t get enough done. I have yet to say a single word in general chat, or form a group. I have completely soloed my way through the beginner island and have almost finished all of Stormreach Harbor. It’s been very easy to solo my Cleric, and in this game it seems (so far at least) that you don’t ever need to group to do anything, nor depend on the other classes to get things done. I guess in essence any class could solo its way through the game, raids and high-end content being the exclusion, I’m assuming. The only part I’ve seen where you have to rely on other classes is in the dungeons, where sometimes you need a rogue to pick a lock, or a fighter to break through a door. But even still I’m assuming it’s just extra loot, nothing detrimental to quests. So thus far, it’s been easy and enjoyable, not something an EQ2 cleric could say.

I’m toying with making an alt and instead of choosing a path, playing with the customization option, but I still need to do research. I’ve been reading the forums a bit and have learned what I need to get by, but I think I still need to absorb more of the mechanics. With EQ2 I made multiple 30+ level characters and deleted them before settling on a main. By then I really had the gameplay mechanics down. So it’s no rush, especially since I’m not paying a monthly fee.

On another note, I sat and scoured my shitty memory, and I can’t recall for the life of me if I ever used my free month on LOTRO. I read old posts, and I did download the trial, and bought the full game before the trial finished, but I don’t think I actually installed/activated the full game. My posts after that lead away from MMOs for a while until I posted again about having purchased the Shadow Odyssey expansion for EQ2, and then nothing until the last few posts, having taken an extended break from computer gaming. So I’m thinking if I do have that subscription available I might give it a whirl again. That is, if I get bored with DDO. I know that if I get much farther I might be tempted to sub to DDO since a lot of content is free to paying members. $15 a month is always easy to come by, but for now free works.