It’s Casual Friday

I had the day off, so of course I could dress casually. That was also a loose reference to the degree at which I am gaming, but… I’m back into an MMO again. I haven’t played a whole hell of a lot since downloading DDO, but I’m enjoying the game enough to want to play it semi-regularly. I refuse to get sucked into it and become completely unproductive again, but I’m finding a couple hours here and there to be refreshing. It’s been nice to have a game to play again, and the fact I’m not paying for it is good because times are rough.

Some things I like about the game: The combat system is pretty sweet, being able to move around and swing your own weapons, rather than auto-attack. The graphics aren’t quite how I described them before; being a Turbine game of course they look much like LOTRO. Still, this is a great thing. Multi-classing. Awesome idea for great character customization. Wish something like that would have been present in EQ2. But, a D&D inspired idea, so I suppose that wouldn’t have been appropriate. The leveling actually takes a while, quests being the only source of experience, so there’s no boring mob grinding. And, you’re not max level after only a few hours, so you can really explore the game and feel out your character. Instanced zones and dungeons. I think this works great, because no one steals your quest mobs, and you get a private solo experience if that’s what you’re going for. I never particularly cared for soloing when I played other MMOs… nowadays I’m actually purposely soloing to avoid the MMO addiction.

What I don’t like about the game: A little bit of a learning curve, especially for someone not familiar with the paper and pen game. Slow XP. It’s a benefit and a curse, the only downside being that you can’t really see what your character can do until you get up to the higher levels. Makes definitive class choices difficult, particularly when you’re playing on a free account with only two character slots. Also makes it difficult to decide multi-class choices without doing a lot of research beforehand, as you really don’t know which classes will mix unless you’ve played them all to a high enough level. In short, the game has a couple flaws but over all is very playable and enjoyable.

At the moment I’m playing a Cleric, which is a class I’ve never really played before. I never really cared for healer classes in EQ2 save for the Shamans, but never did want a healer as a main. After having wasted a lot of time and energy leveling several different toons, I ended up quitting before I got any of them to the appropriate level to be beneficial to raid groups. In DDO, the cleric has a path to be a “battle cleric”, thusly his solo ability is good, and he will be desirable to raids and groups alike if I decide to get into the social part of this game. For now, I’m playing this as a glorified Diablo or Baldur’s Gate. In the future that may change.

I was pretty productive today, cashing my check and paying bills, picking up things needed from the store, paying more bills, doing the brakes on my car. Overall, everything that needed done is done, and I feel pretty good about it. The only snag of the day came when I was importing a cd into iTunes. I picked up a copy of the new Black Dahlia Murder cd, Deflorate, and wanted to get it onto my ipod. As I had mentioned previously, I had re-formatted my hard drive, and as a result had to download 3rd party software to get my music from my ipod back onto my computer. I had thought that the program I used had worked effectively, and that all my music was transferred. So when I unchecked the box “manually manage music” in iTunes, it asked if I wanted to re-sync my ipod with the new iTunes library (which I thought was complete) so I said yes. To my disbelief, about half of my library had not been copied, so I lost about 2,000 songs. Thankfully, after going through it, I had only lost only a couple songs, because most I had on cd, or could easily download from Limewire. A double edged sword, I lost some good stuff, but managed to go through and get rid of some music I don’t really care for (full albums downloaded that weren’t worth a shit save for a couple songs), and add some things I had missed in the past. I didn’t quite finish the task though, as it was taking a bit of time and I’m feeling the urge to veg out in DDO.

So with that, I’m off.