What A Sunday!

When we moved into our new place back at the beginning of August, we had to go a couple days without water. This meant no toilet use, no shower use, nothing to drink, and no water for the swamp cooler. Everyone knows that August is the hottest part of the year (at least in the west) so of course we were dying. Then the water got turned on, and we rejoiced. For about 30 seconds. And then realized we had almost no water pressure.

Since then a plumber was sent to us to alleviate the situation. Unfortunately, through a series of delays, it wasn’t until today that our water pressure was finally restored. Because of the age of the house, the piping is all galvanized steel, which likes to rust and clog. So the original lines were by-passed and shiny new copper pipes were put in. Apparently the plumber isn’t completely done, but the vast improvement already noticed is amazing.

To make things better, my Green Bay Packers managed to pull out a win even after a failing 2nd half and some horrible, horrible calls by the refs (illegal contact anyone?). Gotta love it when your old gun slinger leaves the team and your young gun slinger picks up right where he left off. Aaron Rodgers has an amazing arm and some notable accuracy. Week 1 of the 2009 season is over for me, although I will be paying attention to the chargers game tomorrow so I can make fun of my girl and other San Diego fans when they lose to the Raiders.

I hadn’t mentioned yet that I re-formatted my computer a few days ago. Man was it a bitch, even remembering how to format the hard drive, it’s been so long since I had last done it. But I’m happy with the results. Less shit on my hard drive, and everything is running more smoothly. I managed to get everything back on that I wanted to keep fairly quickly, although windows update took a lot longer than I remembered. The only thing I had yet to tackle was transferring all of my music from my ipod back to the computer.

From what I had read prior to the format, I gathered it could be used as a removable storage device, and that I could basically copy everything back to the pc with no worries. After trying a little bit, I realized that I couldn’t find a discernable method to the organization of the files stored on the ipod. So I went back to the articles I had read previously, and read them a bit more thoroughly. The best option, it seemed, was to download a 3rd party program and use it to do the transferring. I ended up choosing a free option, a program called Sharepod. After extracting the .exe, a double click on the Sharepod icon, and a click on “backup ipod”, it did all the work for me. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, give it a shot.

So I did mention that I was hunting for new MMOs to play, and that I had already downloaded Taikodom and Wizard 101. I have yet to play either any since that last post, although I will still say that I am “playing” them, in that I haven’t decided they aren’t for me. I did get around to downloading and installing Dungeons & Dragons Online however, and I must say it will probably be a game I’ll be playing for a while. I have only gone through character generation and ran around through part of the tutorial, but I was impressed with the graphics and presentation thus far. Graphically it seems like a cross between EQ2 and WAR, with the UI being more WoW-ish. I do enjoy the fact that you can manually swing your weapon with a mouse click, although I don’t know if that will change to more of an auto attack in actual combat. I’m also liking all of the D&D elements because I actually played the paper and pen game for a while. So even though the game is new to me the concepts are already comfortable. Being a pay-for-features style MMO, so far it’s not too limiting in it’s free mode. All I’ve noticed is an option to buy two classes, two races, and extra character slots. I can deal with the two provided until I know if it’s worth a shit. The races are irrelevant as well at this point, I just need to know if I like the game. If not, then no harm no foul. If so, I’m hoping the fees aren’t ridiculous. I’m also hoping that players don’t get any unfair advantages if they’re paying for shit. I know that gold spamming happens in all MMOs, so cheating happens, but when actual game companies are figuratively encouraging it, sometimes it takes from the game. More on this later.