RE: The Urge Returns

I got a nice surprise today. As I had mentioned, my check engine light had come back on after I thought everything was going to be fine. It was determined to be an emissions problem, but what exactly I didn’t know. Today I got gas after getting off of work, and when I had started my car, the light didn’t return. One common emissions problem that sets off the check engine light is a “loose or missing fuel cap”. It dawned on me that my light had come on the morning after the night I had last gotten gas. Problem solved, and no money had to be spent. Sweetness.

Fuck that other band I was talking to. Lame influences, lame attitude in general, possibly straight edge, uh yeah no thanks. Not to mention the desire for me to “have the energy of anthony keidis”, amongst other horribly flamboyant singers. Yeah, again no thanks. Band practice went great, a whole lot better than the previous two, but we actually had some time to do shit. So Ted conquered another new (old) song and tightened up on the others. Two more originals, two covers, and maybe a couple other covers and maybe a new song and we’re good to go. We’re slated to play Keith and Amanda’s wedding on Halloween night. It’s gonna be a blast.

As I mentioned last post, I’ve gotten the urge to play an MMO again. Undecided about which to try, or try again, I decided to check the Free to play realm of the genre, in hopes of finding something cool. I did in fact find one game I’ve rather enjoyed, called Taikodom. It’s a space MMO I guess you could compare to EVE online, but then again I haven’t played the latter. Either way it’s pretty cool, though I don’t know how long I’ll play it. I also downloaded Wizard 101. I installed and played it for about 10 minutes, but haven’t played it long enough to make a fair judgement. It’s a bit on the cutesy side but seems like it could be entertaining enough.

My Dad suggested DDO Unlimited, and I’m downloading that as I write this. Maybe it will be good enough to get me to want to play semi-regularly. I just don’t have the schedule like I used to to play these types of games anymore.

So the plan for tonight is to hang out with the ol’ lady, and then tomorrow it’s back to football season. Been a long waiting period. Maybe I’ll get back with some more tidbits by then.