Repairs & Preseason

I was off yesterday.

After waiting nearly the whole day, and stressing out about what was going to happen with my car, I got a pleasant surprise. I got a call from the dealer and was told that after reading the trouble codes, that all that was wrong with my car was the battery. Apparently it had just seen it’s last days. I was unaware that a simple problem like the battery could trigger a check engine light, or some of the other problems for that matter. Thankfully the originally quoted price of $92 was waived, and I paid nothing for the diagnostic.

So, I picked up a new battery, slapped it in, and everything was good as new. The only unfortunate part was that because of the added expense, I was still unable to afford tires. So, I rotated the donut to the back and I’ll be rolling on that until next payday when hopefully I can afford tires. I know I have some other bills coming up then, so who knows what will actually happen.

Due to my added monetary strain, I reapplied at the casino. I’m hoping to get back onto day shift, and in that event, I can drop down to part time at AutoZone and rake in extra cash to get me out of this hole. Hopefully within a couple months I can afford to let one job or the other go. At least that’s the game plan. Pay bills, get caught up, get a nest egg together, and then resume a normal 1 job lifestyle.

Aside from the car ordeal, I had a little bit of fun yesterday evening. Ted got preseason tickets to the Chargers/49ers game in San Diego. They were press level seats in an enclosed suite, and it was pretty awesome to actually be at a game. The only downfall is that I can’t stand either of those teams, but I wanted to be able to say I’ve been at a game. The niners sucked, getting their asses kicked 26-7. We ended up leaving about halfway through the 4th quarter, and made it home around midnight. Gave me enough time for a short nap before work this morning, but overall it was a good time.

Charger fans are fucking ridiculous, but I’ll go into that another time. Me and Ted had quite a discussion about the topic, but again it’s best saved for another post. I will mention though, that Qualcomm stadium is run by a bunch of fucking Nazis. Not a single smoking area, and re-entry is not allowed. Two beers cost $17. A fucking hot dog is $7. C’mon, you rape people on the tickets as is, why rape them again when they get hungry or thirsty? We had a couple beers anyway, and still managed to get a smoke in when a whole group of people banded together to get their way.

Today after work we picked up some steaks and had a little barbecue, and then proceeded to watch a movie. Nothing too eventful. Hollee is at her mom’s until Monday night, so I haven’t had much to do aside from sit around. But that’s ok, a little relaxation is good from time to time.