A 6 Month Update

It’s been approximately six months since my last legitimate post. A lot can happen in six months, so for the sake of my shitty memory, let’s recap what I went over in my last post.

Back in March, I had been in my band for approximately one month, and things were still going good. We had just recorded our demo, and the plan was to move onto some live shows. I had been at AutoZone for a couple months, and was basically 2nd in command at the store, still being trained but getting the hang of everything that needed to be done on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure I had broken up with the girlfriend I had previously spoken so highly of, but it doesn’t look like I mentioned that. I had just recently moved back into my pad with Ted, and our other roommate Don. I also had mentioned some video games I was playing, mainly Resident Evil 5, and a couple titles on the Wii.

In the six months that have passed, quite a bit has changed. FOS is still alive and kicking, although we hit a couple road blocks along the way. Back in March we were recording our demo. In April, me and Keith hit the streets, distributing copies of said demo to the local bars in Hemet. We didn’t get a bite right away, but eventually we got a gig at Little Louie’s (a bar which I have mentioned on numerous occasions on this blog). May 1st was the big day, my first show ever in front of a crowd. And a crowd there was. 7 other bands played that night, so you can imagine with all of their followings, along with the 20+ people we brought, that it was a full house. The only bit of drama that ensued was 3 of my ex-girlfriends were there, and although humorous to me, a couple of them seemed a bit upset to see each other. The show went off with a bang, and we got a large amount of compliments. It was a thrill, a rush, and I loved every moment. There wasn’t any monetary compensation, but we got all the beer we could drink, and that was enough for a first gig.

The very next night, we played a slightly more private show at my house. We set up in the garage, and had people inside and out, another flawless show. The only trouble that came up was a noise complaint, but after ten p.m., and after we had already finished our set. A week later we played at Howard’s house, in his living room. The house was packed, and we got another great response. One of the guys at the show happened to live down the street from Keith, and offered to pay us for a show for his son’s birthday. Of course, we accepted.  A couple weeks later, we played the show, in the backyard. We got paid $200 that went straight into the band fund. We decked out the back yard with lights and whatnot, and it was a great time. The pit was huge, and I personally think it was one of our best shows.

At the beginning of June one of our good friends had a birthday, and his wife suggested we play at the surprise birthday party. We accepted, and played in their living room. This was one of the most personal shows, mainly because I knew almost everyone present, and it was a show dedicated to my boy, so it was a ton of fun.

When we had played at the bar, the guy we had spoken with to set up the show had also invited us to play a battle-of-the-bands show at the Ramona Bowl. This was our chance to really get noticed. June 9th was the date, and we went and did our thing. Their sound guys really sucked though, so I was drowned out by the music, and it was an overall irritating show. We didn’t win anything, and just packed our shit and left afterwards. Truely disappointing.

Shortly thereafter, our guitarist gave us some bad news. He had decided to move up north, where members of his previous band had gone (I have my suspicions that he’s since re-joined that band). So we played one last show at his going away party and haven’t played a show since the end of June. Determined to keep the band alive, myself and the other two remaining members set out to get a new guitarist. Time passed, and we finally found someone we thought would work. After his audition, we were all displeased, so we were back to the hunt. Ted has played guitar for quite a long time, so I suggested we give him a shot. I sat down with him and our demo cd and he picked up quite a bit of it right off the bat. Since then, he’s had two practices with the band, and we’re set to practice again tonight. So far so good. Hopefully within a month or so we’ll be playing live shows again, and we will be back on track. Then an official recording is in order.

In April, Ted’s Dad’s dog had puppies. Purebred Labs. Me and Ted both got one, and as a result, decided that when our lease was up in August we would look for a house to move into, so our dogs would have a yard. Don had decided he was going to move out then as well, so rather than get another roommate, we decided that we would just get a two bedroom house. Despite the fact that we had relatively no time to pack, move, or let alone find a new place, we managed to do so and have been here for a month already. It’s a decent two bedroom house, although a bit old, but the price was right. We got away with no deposit and no pet deposit, so it was a steal, although we took the place as is. Which meant some repairs and yard work and whatnot. We had a pretty decent housewarming party a couple weeks ago. We’re nice and settled now.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point I broke up with Ashley, and started dating this girl Cynthia. That was short lived, and then I went back to Ashley. That was short lived as well, and then there were a few other girls I dated until I met Hollee. I had actually met her at the end of last year, somewhere in there when I was unemployed. But we were just friends and that was that. She was actually supposed to be introducing me to one of her friends after me and Ashley split, but then we hit it off and went from there. We’ve been seeing each other since June, but have been officially together since somewhere in July. All I can say is wow… I love this girl and maybe I finally found “the one”.

Work is pretty much the same, I’m still in the same position, but I’ve been told what I need to work on in order to become an Assistant Store Manager. Once that hurdle is leapt, I was told that within a year I would have my own store. So I’m still working on that. Doing my best every day in hopes that they will finally give me that promotion. I essentially do the job already anyway. Otherwise there’s been a few employee changes, transfers, people who quit or got fired, and whatnot. I still am essentially the go to guy in my boss’ eyes, and that’s the important part. The commute is the only thing that’s killing me. I had requested a transfer, but it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen, so the promotion would at least pay for my gas. I’ve been strapped all fucking year.

On the gaming front, I’ve still steered clear of MMOs. I don’t have any clue how any of the games I used to play are doing, and I don’t have any clue what new ones are coming out. I’d say probably the only thing that would bring me back is maybe an Everquest III, or World of Starcraft (because starcraft was always better than warcraft in my book). We’ve had a few different Xbox games come in and out of the house, borrowed or otherwise. I picked up Street Fighter 4 and wasn’t too impressed. The only game I’ve bought for the Wii (aside from any I’ve mentioned in the past) is The Conduit, and it was a pretty cool shooter, but nothing overly original. There aren’t too many out there I can’t live without, I pretty much don’t game much at all these days. I did however bust out Starcraft and have been playing that the past couple weeks. It’s amazing how well it holds up for being a ten year old game.

That’s life these days in a nutshell. There will be more to come.