Some New, Some Old

So I forgot to mention in my last post about the fact that I got a Nintendo Wii for Xmas. Although I didn’t actually get it around Christmas time, because I was unemployed, and getting out to my Dad’s to pick it up wasn’t really an option. I did end up going out there in February after I had gotten a job and was back on my feet.

Initially the system only came with the Wii Sports mini games, a single controller, and they system itself. So the first couple days I really didn’t have too much fun with it, the Sports games not really holding my interest too much. But then I got paid and it was on. I picked up a copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl (which I ended up being slightly disappointed with) and a Wii points card. After having set up the WiFi, I got on the Wii Store and picked out a couple old Sega Genesis games that I hadn’t played in years. Shining Force II has taken up most of my play time, but I also downloaded Phantasy Star IV, which I intend to play after beating the former. I’m glad at least one of the next gen systems provided this option to get old games, because it’s an awesome throwback to the past, but also adds a lot of value to the system. I also ended up having to buy a second controller so SSBB could be played with two people. It’s a cool game and I like the concept, I just think I’m not used to the controls or something.

Anyhow, after getting my Wii I think Ted ended up getting jealous, so he went out and bought an Xbox 360. He wanted it only for Resident Evil 5 (which he pre-ordered the day he bought the system), but I saw more potential than that. Having two systems in the house is great because we can get the exclusive titles for both, and have a wider variety of games in which we can purchase. So Resident Evil 5 came out about a week or so ago, and we’ve been playing the shit out of it. The co-op mode is hella fun, and having to work together is very interesting. Unlike Resident Evil 4 where we always had to take turns, now we can experience the whole game at the same time. We’ve vowed to only play together, so neither of us have missed anything. So far, it’s awesome.

Otherwise I’ve just been working as usual. I’m unofficially the 2nd in command at my store, my boss has taken quite a liking to me. So I should be an assistant store manager withing a few months, if all goes well. Maybe sooner, who knows.

I’m also still going strong with the whole band thing. I have a practice today, and we’re supposed to be recording our first EP or Demo or whatever you want to call it. So with any luck we’ll be playing some local shows within the next month. I’m excited but nervous at the same time. Playing with the guys is all good. I’ve even had some small audiences… but playing a full on show where a place is packed is a daunting thought. I’ll be fine and I know we’re going to be a hit, but it’s still a little nerve wracking.

That’s about all for now.