Some Small Changes

I got a letter from EDD. It was just a letter regarding the appeal, and that I would be receiving further notification as to when I would get a hearing. Promising, I suppose, but I still couldn’t wait around for that to go through.

So I resorted to my last ditch effort. A friend from my last job told me that his wife could probably get me a job. It’s not the best job in the world to start, but it does allow for forward progress, and allows me to stay living here where I am. I didn’t want to have to move back in with my Mom, or any other option that could have come up, mainly because I like my roomies, and I like living in this pad. So anyway, I applied for the job, and I should find out within the next few days if it goes through. That’s all I’m going to talk about that, because I don’t want to jinx anything.

Thankfully I’ve had the help of friends and family to get through this trying time, and I should be back on my feet next year, provided that everything goes smoothly. I’ve reconnected with some old friends, and things have been good up until this point. I’ve had some interesting adventures of late, and though I don’t care to go into too much detail, rest assured that I’ve had my fair share of fun.

Today I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still. Having not seen the original (though knowing it exists), I can say that it was a great movie with a lot of great concepts and the statements made about the planet are very present-tense. It’s a bit slow moving, but it really made me think, and thought-provoking movies come few and far between. I’d recommend it to any Sci-Fi fan.

That’s really all I have. Things are moving forward, and hopefully end up where I want them.

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  1. Best of luck with the job search. I’ve been there myself (im actually still there). I know how annoying it could be especially when you have your own bills and responsibilities.


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