First Things First

After my last post, I eagerly jumped into the game after all the patching and whatnot had completed. I was ready to see new things. The first bit of business I was presented with was the integrated voice chat system that was put in during my absence. I set that all up, then checked out the new maps. I’m impressed at the detail put into them, every zone I went to was still recognizable, yet more defined. The only part I don’t like is the POIs… I like the fact that there are different images rather than just multi-colored dots, but they’re harder to get adjusted to, after years of staring at the rainbow. The mini-map is a cool idea, but I really don’t care for it. I suppose if I had a larger monitor I wouldn’t mind, but I’m using too much of my screen as is.

Next, I delved into the new AA tree, to see what goodies can come from it. When I left the game a few months ago, my Brigand had just hit level 80, but only had 128 or so AA. So I wasn’t too far off from max. Now, I definitely have a ways to go, considering the new cap is 200. Still, I like what I see in the new tree, there’s plenty in there to help max out DPS and some good utility as well. Can’t wait to see what I can do when I am finally maxed out.

Then, of course there was the /claim menu, that was supposed to hold my Ykeshan Bear, along with other goodies. I claimed my bear, and being level 80, he’s already fully grown and armored, along with being faster than any of the other mounts I had; 52% runspeed is a huge leap compared to 45%. After checking my broker, and doing other town related shit, I was off to the Sinking Sands so I could figure out just how the hell I was getting to the Moors. Upon my arrival in SS, I could see the new addition right away. What appeared to be a dock jutting from the cliff face. I took the lift up and waited for a new form of transportation in Norrath… the airship!

Here’s a shot of my on my maxed out bear, waiting on the airship dock:eq2_000050

Here’s a shot of the nifty void cloak that does nothing but looks cool:eq2_000051

The airship arrived, and I was off to TSO land. Upon arrival, I only ended up getting a few discos and bam! my first new AA point in months. I picked up a handful of quests, knocked one out, got shot across a canyon in a cannon, and did a little more exploring. I stumbled upon a “balloon dock” and ended up taking a long ride through a tunnel and into a more jungle like area. Here’s a shot of the balloon:


The balloons look cool, but seem a bit sluggish. Also, I found you cannot jump off of them, which kind of sucks, in case you wanted to just fly and dive like is done in many other zones. After landing the balloon I ended up evac’ing back to the dock and camping out for the night. I had seen enough cool new stuff for one evening.

Last night, I got back on, but this time I wanted to check out things on my Paladin. Aside from wanting to see the goodies he would get from his new AA line, I also just thought I’d play him until someone I knew got online and then see about grouping with my brig. No one ended up logging on, so I ended up running around with him in ROK. I claimed my bear, and in case you were wondering what a level 70s bear looks like, here’s a shot:


You’ll notice the difference between this one and my brigand’s, he’s lacking facial armor. Horns, claws, and fangs all appear a bit smaller as well. Nonetheless, this one is running at 45%, which is what the warg was doing, so I opted for the bear as he’s cooler looking.

Ooo fierce!!!


So I ran to ROK with the Pally and picked up where I left off with him (he’s 71, and had a couple AA over 100) in Kylong Plains. It took a minute to regain my bearings, but I eventually got it all figured out and got down on the quest grind. I played for a few hours, and got 3 or 4 AA in the process, though I couldn’t quite hang long enough to ding 72… it was getting late and I was getting tired, and I still had about 20% to go. Maybe later tonight I’ll have the fortitude to finish off the level. I realized last night while on the character select screen about the 10% bonus xp given to other toons for having max level toons. So I figured the leveling would go faster for my Pally so I should probably get crackin’ on that in my spare time. Especially because when I finish him off, any other alt I have or might have at that time, will level 20% faster, on top of any vitality bonuses or xp potions. I could have a 3rd level 80 in half the time if played right. I wouldn’t mind having another one either, I just haven’t found the right class for me, outside of the two I already enjoy.

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