The Odyssey Into The Shadows

Well, even though I was pretty much done with EQ2… pretty much done with MMOs in general (I went on to try PotBS, Hellgate: London, LOTRO, and WAR), the shiny new-ness of “The Shadow Odyssey” (TSO from here on out), Everquest 2’s 5th expansion, has sucked me back in, however temporary that might be.

During a visit to my Dad’s house earlier in the month, he told me of some of the new features of the game since I had left, and those to be expected in the expansion. I got to the point I almost didn’t want to hear anymore. Something about my break up with my ex made me almost despise MMOs. Every time I would try and sit down to play, I just couldn’t do it. I felt bored with everything, and gave them up entirely (save for a couple week stint with WAR) for the summer and then some.

During a phone conversation with my Dad earlier today, I learned that the new expansion had gone live yesterday. Traditionally, that would be his Birthday present to me, the latest EQ2 expansion, since the game has had expansions release in November for a couple years now. For a couple days now I had been toying with the idea of re-subscribing to the game, just for something to do, because lately I’ve been pretty bored. After hearing news of the release, I figured I couldn’t log in and be stuck with nothing to do, when everyone will be running around in TSO, I’d be stuck in ROK. It’s the same thing that happened to me at this time last year. I had been leveling up my Brigand in a wild race to 70 before ROK released, and I fell short. So for a couple weeks I was soloing and trying my damnedest to get groups together to finish the shit I needed to do. What a pain. I didn’t want to that again this year, so I bit the bullet and picked up the expansion today.

It’s patching as I type this, and honestly it’s taking way too fucking long considering it only released yesterday… having purchased the retail box, I should be up to date and there should have only been a couple things to download, but it wasn’t the case. Oh well, I should have known. So I’ll be getting into the game sometime soon, and I will be most definitely posting about my adventures again… hopefully I have some memorable ones again…