NFL: Week 11

I’m not going to go into too much detail with this NFL post, only because I have other things I want to write about and I didn’t want to mesh the two posts together. With that, here goes.

Week 11 definitely was better for my Green Bay Packers than weeks 9 or 10. Both the prior weeks we lost by 3 and 1 point respectively. I’m a little more frustrated by the 1 point loss, but nonetheless both games should have been wins, and we made up for it this week. This week, we faced off against our long term division rivals, the Chicago Bears. Out of our division (which consists of the Bears, Vikings, and Lions), the Bears were the one team I though would give us a hard time. We beat the Vikings and the Lions pretty easily in weeks 1 and 2, and in week 10 we lost to the Vikings by a single fucking point. That still should have been a victory if you ask me… anyway we play the Bears one more time and the Lions once more as well. It’s safe to say that one of those games is a shoo in victory, regardless if the Lions picked up Dante Culpepper. If the Bears play like they did this week, during our next showdown, that will be easy pickings as well. 37-3 is a horrible loss for the Bears, and good riddance.

This solidified our spot at the top of our division, despite the fact that we share the same exact record of 5-5 (3-1) with the Bears. We beat them, and we will most likely beat them again. Being 1st in the NFC North, or at least tied for it, is where we’ve been all year. I think we will at least make it into the playoffs, though I can’t say how far we will go. Time will tell. The game we played on Sunday was awesome, so awesome in fact, that Fox turned away from our game (which was an assured victory by that point) and put on the Vikings vs. Tampa Bay game, which normally would have disappointed me, but I wanted to see Minnesota lose so I would know for sure that we were in contention for top of our division. They did end up losing, 19-13, so it was all good.

Later I watched the Chargers/Steelers game, and boy was it boring. San Diego played a lot better than they have in past weeks, but still managed to lose by a point, and created a new NFL record; it was the first game in history to end 11-10. Crazy shit. Sunday night’s game was another NFC rivalry, the Cowboys vs. the Redskins, and yeah, I didn’t watch it. The Cowboys ended up getting their revenge for the last game they played earlier in the year, and I guess the team really needed Tony Romo to get shit done, despite the low score.

Monday night’s Cleaveland/Buffalo game was pretty boring as well, I only caught the last quarter of the game. Amazingly, the Browns managed to make a 57 yard field goal. Unfortunately for the Bills, who had a great final drive, set up for a 47 yarder, and missed. “Wide Right” is apparently common for the Bills, according the the commentators.

That’s really all that was of importance to me this week. Next week isn’t a division game for me, but we’re still playing a pretty decent team, the New Orleans Saints. Should be a good game, and I think we should be able to take it. Until next week, pasta.