Playoff hopes still viable?

I’m beginning to think that going to the playoffs isn’t a possibility for my Green Bay Packers. Last week, despite playing very well against the undefeated Tennessee Titans, was a loss. Yes, we’re the only team that took them to overtime. Yes, we played well, and never really fell behind. But in the end, we lost by a field goal in overtime. Had we won the toss, maybe it would have ended differently, but it is what it is, and we dropped to 4-4.

This week, we had our second matchup against Minnesota. I assumed it would end just like it did back in week one, where we destroyed them, and that was that. It didn’t quite end that way. After being down 12-7 when i turned the game on, I witnessed what turned out to be the second saftey on Rodgers of the game, bringing the score to 14-7. No worries I thought. After an interception that ended with a field goal, the score was 14-10 at the half. In the 3rd, we managed to get an interception for a touchdown, and also a punt return for another 7. So leading 24-21, we were looking good. In the beginning of the 4th, a field goal put us at 27-21. Unfortunately, when Adrian Petersen managed to run one in, we were behind by a single point. Running the clock almost out, and getting a decent field position, we made a 52 yard attempt at the game winning field goal, which missed. We lost by a point. ONE FUCKING POINT.

The only good news for the day was that the Bears managed to lose their game, so had we of won, we would have been tied with them across the board. Instead, they’re 5-4 (3-0), and we’re now 4-5 (2-1). Minnesota is now 5-4 (2-2). How we have a worse record that the Vikings I don’t understand… On one had we can say that we haven’t lost a game by more than 9 points, most of our losses were by 3 or less. So we haven’t had our assess handed to us, but we still don’t have a positive record, and this is the second time this season. Maybe we’ll end up in the playoffs, but only if we manage to take out chicago in our meeting next week, and the next time we see them. We also have one more meeting with Detroit, but that’s no biggy. So maybe, just maybe we’ll see the playoffs, and I don’t forsee us going too far. I’ve been positive all season, but it’s time to start being realistic. If we don’t win the rest of our games this season, we aren’t going anywhere. I’m crossing my fingers.