NFL: Weeks 7 and 8

I know, I know, I missed a week there, so I’m making up for it now.

I’m only going to touch briefly on week 7 news, because, well it’s old news now. The major points of interest were as follows:

-Buffalo beats San Diego (putting tyler’s team a game behind mine in the rankings)
-The Chicago/Minnesota game is ridiculously high scoring, but a win/win situation for me.
-The Giants stomp all over San Francisco (another shitty week for Ted)
-Dallas gets destroyed by St. Louis (Cowboy fans won’t live this down for the whole season)
-Green Bay crushes Indianapolis (something I couldn’t have predicted, but a boon for the team)
-Denver loses horribly to New England on Monday night

Week 8 was a bye week for my Packers, along with the Bears, Broncos, and Vikings. So I had nothing to fear for my team, and people who are fans of the other teams got spared any shit talking, had their teams lost. I was mainly interested in seeing how certain teams performed, much as I am any other week, I just had less pressure due to the bye. Game I was interested in seeing were as follows:

-Arizona vs. Carolina, because a co-worker is a Panthers fan and his team has been doing well all season, so I wanted them to lose, which almost happened.
-Tampa Bay vs. Dallas, because I was hoping that there would be another Dallas upset, and because Tampa Bay beat us, so I figured the same would happen, especially with Romo injured.
-San Diego vs. New Orleans, because I always go against the Chargers, and I’m nearly always right.
-Giants vs. Pittsburgh, because these are two teams to watch.
-Seattle vs. San Francisco, because I hate the 49ers.
-Tennesee vs. Indianapolis, because we play the Titans in week 9, and they are the only undefeated team left.

It’s damn near impossible to predict what is going to happen in any given football game this season. Teams are so up and down, and the upsets have been ridiculous. In the above games, I only got 3 predictions right. Carolina ended up winning after trailing. Dallas managed to pull out a win, though it was a really close game at 13-9. San Diego lost, and that was great. The Giants won, and I really dislike Pittsburgh, so good riddance. San Fran lost, and that was no great surprise, but against the seahawks? Pathetic. And the Titans beat the Colts, after what appeared to be a game clearly in the Colts favor. Discouraging, because the Titans remain undefeated, and we play them next week. Let’s just hope the fact that we beat the Colts horribly will factor into a win for Green Bay. It would be nice to take out the only undefeated team. I think we can do it. Just have to watch their defense.

What I’ll be watching in Week 9:

Green Bay @ Tennesee (let’s hope for that upset)
Detroit @ Chicago (a division game, I call the Bears destroying Detroit, though the Lions are hungry for their first win)
Miami @ Denver (Miami has pulled some great upsets this year, and fuck the Broncos)
Dallas @ Giants (I hate the Cowboys)