NFL: Week 6 (give me some ammunition)

This is a little early, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Monday night football game is going to be a blow out, and the Giants will crush Cleaveland. So I’m jumping the gun a little by writing this post, but I’m just so damn excited about the outcome of the games today, I don’t care.

First of all, the Packers are back on top of the NFC North, where they rightfully belong. Granted, our record of 3-3 isn’t a great one, and we do have many challenges ahead of us. But I think we should be able to clinch this division, Chicago being our only competition, despite the fact that we share the same record with them, and Minnesota. Chicago’s loss to Atlanta today (which granted my wish that they would do the same to them as they did to us) dropped them into second place in the division (3-3/1-0), while our win against Seattle brought us up to 1st (3-3/2-0). Minnesota has some ground to cover if they hope to take 2nd place, and I just don’t see it happening.

I was provided with a lot of shit talking ammunition today; many of my co-worker’s teams lost, and some lost to shitty teams. Some lost to teams that Green Bay lost to, and I heard earfulls over. I already mentioned Chicago’s loss to Atlanta, and I heard a bunch of shit about our loss to them last week. Pay back is coming tomorrow. Dallas’ loss to Arizona was one of the best hits, there are a lot of Dallas fans at work that will be hearing it from me tomorrow. Arizona is definitely looking better than what I remembered back in the day when I was into football, but still, it was a great upset. Carolina lost to Tampa Bay, and I heard shit about when we lost to them, so there’s more payback. Just this morning, one of the Dallas fans told me that he would never let me live down a lost to the Seahawks, and then karma gave him a swift kick in the ass via the Cardinals. Oakland fans were embarrased by New Orleans. Denver lost to Jacksonville. Ted’s team, good ol’ San Fran lost to Philly. The list just keeps going.

The only fans that are safe tomorrow are Minnesota and San Diego fans. Yeah, SD managed to fend off any sort of comeback from New England, and I was surprised to see it happen the way it did. California team fans, at least you got one win this week. It’s still early in the season, and a lot can happen, but I think there will be plenty more upsets to come. It’s been a strange season thus far.

Here’s what I’ll be watching next week:

San Diego @ Buffalo (I gotta keep going against the roomie’s teams)
Minnesota @ Chicago (Division game)
San Francisco @ Giants (Sorry again Ted)
Dallas @ St. Louis (Wouldn’t it be great to see another upset for Dallas? I think so)
Indianapolis @ Green Bay (It’s going to be a challenge, but at least we have home field)

See you next week.