NFL: Week 5

Another disappointing week for my Packers… losing 27-24 to Atlanta, a team I was sure we would beat (although I was sure we would beat Tampa Bay as well). Our record falls to 2-3, and playoff hopes are dwindling… we’ve dropped to second place in our division behind the Bears… Minnesota’s win tonight didn’t help anything either.

Sunday brought some other surprises. Tennessee remained undefeated, although the Ravens kept it close and damn near pulled the upset, Final : 13-10. Carolina completely dominated the Chiefs, who coming off of a nice victory over the Broncoes, you would have thought would win. Final 34-0. How embarrasing. Chicago dominates Detroit nearly as bad, improving their record to 3-2 to take the helm of the NFC North. Detroit is sitting at the bottom of the division at 0-4. Green Bay’s loss was close, after an amazing comeback there just wasn’t any follow through. The un-winning Houston Texans nearly pulled an upset on the Colts, who aren’t fairing so well themselves this season, but Indy took over in the final quarter. Perhaps my happiest moment of the day was when the Miami Dolphins conquered the Chargers, thought it would have been sweeter with a GB victory. Arizona managed to give the Bills their first loss, and Cincinatti remains win-less.

Sunday nights game is hazy to me, because Tyler decided that watching game 3 of the Angels/Red Sox series was more important overall. Though he switched between both games, I only saw part of the 4th quarter for the most part. Which gave me enough time to see Pittsburgh pull another close win. But a win is a win, and I’d still rather be able to say I won by a little than lost by a little. Which I haven’t been able to say much this season.

Tonight’s game, Minnesota versus New Orleans, was pretty exciting. I missed the first half, came in during the second, where the Vikings were leading 20-10. In a quick paced 3rd quarter, Reggie Bush managed to pull off 2 punt returns for points, and the kicker pulled a 53 yard field goal to take the lead at 27-20. But, the Vikings managed to tie up in the 4th, and the Saints kicker who pulled the 53 yarder, managed to miss a similar field goal the second time around… this enable the Vikings to run down the clock, and then kick a game winning field goal. Final score: 30-27. Ouch. Vikings are now 2-3 as well… as is much of the league.

Here’s what I’ll be keeping my eyes on next week:

Chicago @ Atlanta (to see if Atl can take em like they did us)
Detroit @ Minnesota (a division game)
Philadelphia @ San Francisco (ouch… sorry Ted)
Green Bay @ Seattle (another shoo in victory for us, that hopefully isn’t screwed up)
New England @ San Diego (NE took out SF last week, bad luck coming off that loss for SD)