NFL: Week 4

Week 4 was another upsetting week for me, and for a few other teams. I managed to watch nearly the entire Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay game at work, and I was pretty disappointed that we couldn’t manage to take the cake, but it was a decent attempt. Not like 30-21 is an ass whupping. There were worse upsets over the course of the day.

San Francisco managed to lose to New Orleans. Dallas lost to Washington. Denver lost to KC. The latter two teams had undefeated records, and managed to lose to shitty teams (especially in Denver’s case). Those two losses made my day. The only thing that could have made it a perfect day would have been seeing San Diego lose to Oakland, and for my Packers to have won. Unfortunately, these things didn’t happen, although I thought San Diego was going to lose for quite some time. Lucky for Tyler, the Raiders have a habit of figuring out ways to lose even when they lead the game for over a half.

The Sunday night game of Philadelphia vs. Chicago was pretty boring overall, but I did watch it. I just wanted to see Chicago lose because they’re in my division, but they managed to pull a win over Philly, making me wonder why everyone thinks Philly is so damn good. Apparently they aren’t that great, losing to Chicago and all. 4 points isn’t total domination, and the “run down the clock” tactic Chicago used at the end of the game was pretty weak sauce, but all in all it wasn’t the most exciting game.

Monday night’s game was one that I really had no stock in. Neither team is my team. Neither team is in my division. Because of where I was watching the game, someone mentioned being a Steelers fan, so I just as soon took sides with Baltimore, who was looking better for most of the game. Of course, there was that little “2 touchdowns in 15 seconds” bit pulled off by Pittsburgh, and that pretty much helped them to win, until the Ravens pulled the tie for overtime. The Steelers managed to score first though, so game over. Either way, I wasn’t emotionally tied to anything in that game, so it was just watching football for the sake of watching football. Hooray.

The stats are starting to say it all, and with many teams being 2-2, it’s looking to be a long season.

What I’ll be watching in Week 5:

Atlanta @ Green Bay (go Packers!)
San Diego @ Miami (hoping for another upset coming from Miami)
Tampa Bay @ Denver (hopefully TB does to Denver what they did to us)
Cincinatti @ Dallas (would be the best upset ever if the 0-4 Bengals could take out the Cowboys)
New England @ San Francisco (SF should be able to win since Brady isn’t around)