NFL: Week 3 (the week of upsets)

Week 3 is one I’m going to be calling the “week of upsets” for quite some time. For me, the upset came on Sunday night, where Green Bay lost to Dallas, 27-16. I had a bet riding on that game, so I had to pay up. Monday morning at work, I had to hear it from everyone… but at least some of their teams still have worse records. I did end up agreeing with Ray that I would pay him later, but then ended up making a double-or-nothing bet. Ray plays softball in a local organization, as do both my roommates. Though each of my roommates are on different teams. Anyway, in a practice game prior to the bet, Ray’s team lost by a lot the last time they met the other team (both teams are mostly comprised of co-workers). So, I bet him that he would lose that night in softball, and then I wouldn’t owe him anything. If I lost the bet, I would pay him $25. Which is what happened, so I’m not placing anymore damn bets.

So, back to football. On Sunday, another of the biggest upsets happened when Miami of all teams, came out and walked all over the Patriots; final score of 38-13. It was amazing due to the fact that Miami went into the game 0-2, and the Pats were 2-0… and Miami pretty much sucks anyway. Granted, New England didn’t have their star quarterback Tom Brady, but still, a ridiculous game this was. San Francisco managed to take out Detroit, but that’s an easy task as their 3-0 record proves. Turns out now, me and Ted have 2-1 teams, so I really can’t say much to him anymore. But, my team is 2-0 in the division, clearly dominating it, while Ted’s team isn’t doing as well.

The other big upsets happened in two separate overtime games. Chicago lost to Tampa Bay by a field goal in overtime, as did the Giants over the Bengals. The reigning champs have managed to stay undefeated thus far. Chicago is looking worse and worse, so hopefully when we meet them for our division games we’ll be able to take them out. I know the last remaining division games between Detroit and Minnesota should be blow outs. Finally, the last upset on Sunday came when the Colts were behind the Jags 20-14, and made a scoring drive in the last minutes of the game, bringing their score to 21-20… with 8 seconds on the clock, Jacksonville pulled a game winning field goal; final score 23-21. Ouch.

Monday night was an exciting game, because I wanted to see the Chargers hit 0-3, but also because I wanted to see how Favre and the Jets faired against them. At first it appeared that the Chargers had their work cut out for them, but Favre essentially won them the game, giving up quite a few interceptions. It was embarrassingwatching my former quarterback suck so bad. That’s what he gets for leaving though. But, I will say the Chargers game up far too many points, despite having creamed the Jets. Final score, 48-29

Here’s what I’ll be watching next week:

San Francisco @ New Orleans (to see the 49ers lose)
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay (to see my team)
San Diego @ Oakland (to see SD lose)
Philadelphia @ Chicago (to see Chicago lose)
Denver @ KC (to see Denver [hopefully] lose)
Washington @ Dallas (because I hate Dallas and want an upset)