NFL: Week 2

I’m a little late, but here’s what I got out of week 2.

Sunday I worked, so I missed most of the games I wanted to watch. I was posted in the patrol unit, so I got to listen to football on the radio, unfortunately couldn’t get the games I wanted to listen to. I didn’t get to watch the Green Bay vs. Detroit game, nor the San Francisco vs. Seattle game. I ended up listening to the Raiders vs. Chiefs game, and then the Denver vs. San Diego. The latter game I got to see the tail end of when arriving home from work.

I had a friend sending me text message updates about the Green Bay game, and we murdered Detroit. There was a portion of the game where they made a comeback, but in the end, 48-25 was the score. I got to see some highlights of the game later on, and Rodgers is still looking good, despite the fact that Detroit is a horrible team, and everyone I know reminding me of that fact. The true test comes next Sunday, when we play Dallas… Should be a hell of a game.

I was also getting text message updates about the San Francisco game, and though I was hoping for a seattle win so I could talk shit to my roommate, SF managed to take the game during overtime (after an amazing comeback), finishing it with a field goal. Final score: 33-30. I was keeping up on the Charger game mainly so I could talk shit to my other roommate, and I eventually got my wish. Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for Denver (bastards beat us in our last superbowl appearance), but seeing my roommate squirm is so worth cheering a team I hate on.

When I got home from work that day, I managed to catch the last bit of the Charger game, and saw the infamous “fumble” that I’m sure everyone has already heard about. Cutler dropped the ball behind him in mid-throw and San Diego recovered. The whistle was already blown though, and the ball considered dead. Later in the week, officials said that they recall the call on the play, and are now calling it a fumble, despite the fact that the game’s final score will not be changed. Politics eh? Regardless, it was a damn close game, and I’m glad to see Denver win, even if there was a shitty call involved. Final score: 39-38. This makes San Diego 0-2, and I got to unload on my roommate. My other roomie got some reprieve, his team is now 1-1. I still have bragging rights in the house.

I didn’t get to watch the New England vs. Jets game, but I was happy to see the Jets lose it. Favre isn’t going to pull that whole team to a championship with him. But, with Green Bay having a championship team already, Rodgers just might. The Sunday night game of Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland was about as boring a game as could be imagined. 10-6 was the final in the Steelers’ favor. A mainly defensive game, with shitty weather to boot, I pretty much only watched bits and pieces of it, bouncing back and forth between other things.

Monday night was a different story. Talk about a high scoring game, it actually made second place on the “most points scored during a first half on Monday night football” chart. I was cheering for the Eagles, because I just can’t stand Dallas. Not to mention, Green Bay plays Dallas next Sunday, so I wanted them to lose a game, so that when they went to Lambeau they would be 1-1, and less confident. We will still have the home field advantage, but it’s going to be a tough game, both teams being 2-0, and plenty confident. With a final score of 41-37, Dallas barely pulled off the win, but a win is a win. I’ve already got a bet going with a co-worker on the game next week, and the shit talking around work has got crazy. It’s going to be a night to remember, especially if my team takes the cake.

What I’ll be watching in Week 3:

Detroit @ San Francisco
Dallas @ Green Bay
Jets @ San Diego

One thought on “NFL: Week 2

  1. It’s funny… I was born and raised a Dallas fan. I cheered them all through my childhood and on through the Jimmy Johnson years. These days, I freaking hate the Cowboys and will continue to hate them until Jerry Jones either sells the team or passes away. I absolutely cannot stand the man and love watching him pout when the Cowboys lose. I was cheering for the Eagles Monday night… a cardinal sin down here in Texas.

    I’m a Green Bay fan myself. I started rooting for them about 15 years ago and continue to do so. It sucks because Green Bay games rarely get aired here, but I’ll be in full cheese-head mode this weekend hoping the Packers can thump the Cowboys like they used to.


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