NFL: Week 1 Impressions

It was a great first week for the 2008 season. I for one, was impressed with my team’s performance, and if you don’t know what team that is, it’s Green Bay. But let’s start at the beginning.

Last Thursday night’s season opener, which featured the reigning champion New York Giants versus the not-so-great Washington Redskins, was a fairly drab game. The Giants came out and did their thing, and the Skins did a whole bunch of nothing, so it ended up being fairly boring. But I was just happy that football season was upon us again.

Sunday’s games were a little more important for me (and I’m sure for a lot of other people). In my house, I love the Packers, whereas Ted is a 49’er fan, and Tyler is a Charger fan. With both of the latter teams playing on Sunday, I had to pay attention to the games, so I could aptly talk shit to both room mates. I also have other friends who like various teams, and I also had to pay attention to what the New York Jets were going to do, since MY quarterback now plays for them. I wish you ill Brett Favre.

Needless to say, you’ve probably seen highlight reels for week 1 games a dozen times by now, so I don’t have to go over individual scores or plays. What I will say is that I got bragging rights Sunday night, because San Francisco got owned by the Cardinals, and San Diego lost to the Panthers. Excuses abound, my roommates bitched and moaned, but in the end, their teams are still 0-1. The Jets on the other hand, looked rather good, despite the fact that it’s a team I never gave a shit about before, and I wish their quarterback numerous injuries this season. They managed to pull of the W over the Miami Dolphins, but then again, it’s the Dolphins, who haven’t been good since the 80’s. Pit them against a real team and we’ll see what happens. Favre wasn’t pressured enough yet.

As far as my division goes, the Detroit Lions lost (as expected), and the Chicago Bears won. The Bears winning was a suprise for me, as their former Super Bowl rivals the Colts buckled under the Chicago Defense. The only other game I really paid attention to was Dallas versus Cleveland, only because the Cowboys are a definite contender for the championship.

On to Monday night, where the opening game feature my good ol’ Packers versus the Vikings. A division game, I’m glad we took em out. In week two we’ll be facing the Lions, so we’re getting two division games out of the way early, a good start I suppose. The game was by far the most exciting game I watched in week 1, not because of my bias, but just because it was a great game. The Packers defense was looking strong, and Aaron Rodgers really impressed me, having a lot of characteristics of the late Brett Favre. Being an understudy to the greatest quarterback in the NFL apparently has it’s advantages. There were still some rookie mistakes made, but having a championship team backing you up definitely helps. All in all, a great game, and I’m looking forward to the Rodgers era in Green Bay.

The following Denver versus Raiders game was just ridiculous. What an ass kicking. I’m looking forward to the week two matchup of Denver versus Chargers. I’m hoping to watch my roomie’s teams sitting at 0-2. But perhaps the best news of the week, was learning of Tom Brady’s season-ending injury during the Kansas City game. The Patriots are out of the playoffs as far as I’m concerned, and that’s one less thing to worry about. On a lesser note, the Chargers lost Merriman, which will make things a little more difficult for them.

What I’ll be watching in week 2:

Green Bay @ Detroit
San Francisco @ Seattle
San Diego @ Denver
New England @ Jets
Philly @ Dallas

See you next week.