Left foot, Right foot, it’s called walking.

It has been quite a while, and I apologize for the absence. Assuming that I have at least a couple regular readers, I’ve been slacking. I really haven’t had much post worthy material lately, and I’ve been dealing with issues in my personal life, most of which I don’t really care to share. I debated letting the site go, but I really enjoy blogging. I’ve just hit one of those slumps where nothing seems worth writing about.

We’re completely settled into the new place. It’s been almost a month since we’ve been living here, and it was a move in the right direction for me, I think. Despite the fact that I can see positive factors to having a place all to myself, it’s nice to have some company. Plus, having roommates makes everything a bit cheaper, and that’s always a good thing. We’ve had company over quite often, and we’ve gone and done quite a bit of stuff as a group. But we’re all able to still hang out individually at the house, and go off and do our own thing. As I write this, both of my roomies had plans for the evening, so I’m chilling with the place to myself. We essentially all have different schedules, so we all get bits of the day to ourselves, and then some time where we share the common area. All in all, it’s working out fairly well.

I’ve spent a lot of time at the house watching movies. Ted is like my own personal netflix, minus the mailing part. For years he goes to the store on tuesdays and buys the new movies, whether he’s seen them or not, whether they’re worth buying or not. So he has a multitude of movies I haven’t seen, nor did I want to pay for. A few have been worth while, but more often than not, they’ve been a waste of time. Still, it’s been a enjoyable way to pass the time. Here’s a small list of what I’ve managed to watch:

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story This one killed brain cells. John Reilly isn’t as funny without Will Ferrell.
30 Days of Night Decent horror flick until the ending… disappointing.
They Blah… a predictable horror film.
3:10 to Yuma One of the best westerns I’ve seen in years, and I’m not a fan of the genre.
Crank Straight forward action. Not very plot heavy.
There Will Be Blood I really didn’t get the appeal, though there were some entertaining moments.
21 A very good “caper” movie, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
In The Name of The King DO NOT WATCH!!! I couldn’t even finish this one, and I love fantasy movies.
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Interesting enough, but kind of drags. A renter.
Hot Fuzz Not what I was expecting, but I did enjoy it. Don’t quite understand all of the British humor.
No Country For Old Men A good one, but I had to watch it 3 times due to falling asleep…

Aside from all of the movie watching, I did manage to pick up some new music recently. Finch is back and released a new EP. Only four songs in length, but sounds much like their last album. Norma Jean released their newest full-length, The Anti Mother, and it’s goodness. Not quite as hard as their older stuff, but the singer sounds mysteriously like Dustin Kenshrue from Thrice. Still, good stuff. Scars on Broadway released an album finally, and I must say that the song “They Say” still managed to be the best track on the disc. There’s some decent moments here and there, musically the album sounds good, much like SOAD, but lyrically it’s lacking. Still, as a fan of SOAD, I now own both Serj’s side project and this one…. can’t wait for them to reunite. And finally, we hear new music from Zach De La Rocha, with One Day as a Lion. If you haven’t picked up the EP, I suggest you do so… it’s a must for any RATM fan. Seriously, it’s good shit.

Yesterday we all went to Knotts Berry Farm for our annual trip. We had a really good time, and rode a bunch of rides. The only downer was how god damn hot and humid it was, but otherwise we had a good time. And for once, I had a beer in an amusement park. Though I’ll probably never do that again, because $7 for a 12 oz. glass is just ridiculous.

Tomorrow it’s back to work. Weekends go too damn fast. On a positive note though, I should be getting weekends off again soon, because one of the officers is moving back to his home state, and he just so happens to have weekends off. I’ve already confirmed with my manager that I will be filling that vacancy as soon as he’s gone. I hate to see him go, because he’s really a cool guy, but it’s working out in my favor nonetheless.

That’s really all I have for now. I’ll do my best to try and find more to write about sooner than later.