22 Hours

Last night turned out to be somewhat of an adventure.

I ended up meeting with Ted, Tyler, and Tyler’s brother over at Heather’s house. Heather ended up being designated the driver, and we all squeezed into her Jetta… It was uncomfortable to say the least.

After the long cramped drive, we arrived at the IMAX in Ontario, and we got in line to buy tickets. To our dismay, the 10:20 showing was already sold out, and it was only a little after 9. There was another showing at 1:35 a.m., and since none of us had to work today, we ended up just saying fuck it and bought tickets. Heather just so happened to have a friend who lives in Rancho Cucamonga, so we took a short trek over there and hung out for a couple hours.

At a little after 12, we headed back. We ended up having to wait in a line for about an hour, and finally were let into the theater at about 1:20. We got good seats despite the fact that there were a lot more people there than we would have expected. There were hardly any previews which was nice, and the move started promptly.

All I have to say is wow. The Dark Knight was a fucking awesome flick. It’s a shame that Heath Ledger won’t be making another appearance as the Joker, because god damn he did a good job. I can honestly say it’s one of the best comic book movies made thus far, and definitely the best batman movie ever.

The movie didn’t end until 4 a.m. I got home and was in bed shortly after 5. 22 hours up, but it was well worth it.