Learning The Ropes… Again

Life is most definitely moving forward.

We were approved for our new place. Move in date is on the 26th, which is Saturday next week. I’m excited to be moving, because I won’t be stuck here in the living room anymore. No, I’ll have a room with a door, and that’s going to be awesome. I just have to pay my portion of the deposit, which is a little over $200, and that will be paid with my next check. 1st month was free, since we’re signing a year lease.

I’ve stuck to my guns about not speaking with my ex. I’ve still run into her at local hang outs, but still didn’t talk. She’s sent me some text messages but I haven’t responded. I need her out of my mind, so I can focus on the things I need to take care of for myself.

I went bowling last Saturday. It was pretty fun, and I ended up nearly hooking up with a chick that I’ve known for quite a while.. something came up to where it didn’t happen, but I got a huge confidence boost from the experience.

Another fun night was Tuesday. Me, Ted, Ray, Don, and Eddie (all officers from work) got together and went out to the Hustler in Redlands. It was a surprisingly nice club, and we had a lot of fun. Our goal was to eat $2 steaks and consume $2 drinks until the special was over (10 p.m.) and then head out. No money was to be spent of the strippers. We were successful, but we were all pretty broke anyhow. We did however, manage to get some free attention out of some of the women, and there were some proud moments. It was a great night, and hanging out with this new crowd has been a lot more entertaining, and drama-free.

A couple of the girls I’ve been talking to since I’ve been single finally seem to be coming around. I’ve got plans to hang out with a few different chicks this weekend. I’m hoping to have a good time, and I’m really looking forward to staying away from the bullshit of my past.

Things are looking up, and I’m feeling a lot better about everything. Life isn’t so bad, you just have to ride through the tough spots. I will probably post again before the move, but if I don’t, there may be a week or two before I get internet over there. So if there’s a long delay, don’t remove me from your links!