Did I Mention I HATE Moving?

That time is coming again. I moved into my sister’s apartment after splitting with my ex about a month an a half ago… really, it’s coming up on two months, and I’ll be here until the end of the month. Nothing is concrete, but I’m fairly certain I know where I’ll be going, and who I’ll be going with.

There are one of two options, but a decision has to be rapidly made. I’m either going to be moving in with a couple of my good friends, Ted and Tyler, into a 3 bedroom 2 bath duplex-like pad, which is my favored option. Or, I’ll be getting a one bedroom apartment by myself, that just so happens to be affordable for me. Either way, I’ll be living right in the same area. The apartments are off a main street, and if you turn off of that street, onto a street right next to the apartments, there’s a few streets with these duplexes on them. I happen to know a couple of guys from work that live in them with their families, and my buddies Howard and Shawn (who just might be working at the casino soon) live in one as well. So I’ve seen the inside already, and I know that I like them. The neighborhood happens to be pretty quiet as well, so I’m not concerned with drama. The places have garages too, so I can park my car inside and won’t have to stress about anything happening to it. So the major bases have been covered.

The 3 bedroom duplexes are going for $1100 a month, and split three ways it’s affordable, especially if the person who gets the master pays an extra hundred. I actually lied when I said there was only two options, the third option is getting a 2 bedroom duplex with just Ted. In that case, the rent is $975, and one of us would pay an extra hundred for the master. Otherwise, if shit doesn’t pan out, I’ll be moving into one of the apartments nearby for $560 a month. The latter option is the most expensive for me, but sometimes living on your own has its benefits.

The part I’m really hanging on is getting a portion of the deposit back from the house I lived in with my ex. She moved out on Friday/Saturday, as did her roommates. The walk-thru is supposed to happen tomorrow, and then the deposit should be granted soon enough. The owner of that house is being really cool, saying that he’d give us the full deposit back because he’s wanted us to move out of the house pretty much since we moved in. He realized his investment was a loss, and wanted to try to sell. Now that it’s been so long since we initially moved in, he’s probably lost a lot more. So he’s selling to a relative, and is still going to hook us up since we moved before the lease was up (which was in December). He also told her that she could have the fridge that was in the place when we moved in, but then said he’d give her more money if she left it, and she needs to buy a car so she left it. She’s the only one left on the lease, as the two of us were the only ones put on it originally, and after I left I was taken off. So I just have to hope she gives me a chunk of change when she gets the money.

I’m not worried though. We’ve become amicable again. We’ve hung out here and there, and I did help her move out. We’ve talked about our relationship, and we just might get back together, eventually. I’m the one holding that up to be honest, because she does want to get back with me now, I’m just not ready. If we do end up getting back together, we’ve agreed that we’ll stay living separately, and “start over”. When we got together way back, we jumped right in to living together. We actually were roommates before we were a couple, so we figured it wouldn’t be an issue. Now I’m beginning to think that it would have been a good idea to start off like a normal couple, dating, then maybe moving in, then working forward. But hindsight is 20/20, and I am looking at past events. Nonetheless, we’re working towards something, sort of. I’m not sure what will happen, it’s a work in progress. Some other chick may come sweep me off my feet in the meantime, or some dude with pick her up. I guess we’ll find out.

Aside from my preparations to move, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 a lot. I really like the game, it reminds me of the original, though there’s some added features that are pretty cool. I’ve been reading up on the FF Wiki, and I’ve come to find out that I’ve screwed up royally, so I’m thinking I’m going to have to start over. I’ve got about 7 hours played and my clan members are all around level 10, and it’s unfortunate to have to start over, but I haven’t advanced my toons much. There’s initial skills each job can learn, and then other skill upgrades are learned through items. Other jobs can be opened by learning new skills on previously opened jobs, and still more jobs are opened through questing. I haven’t had a problem with the questing jobs, but I never really learned many skills, and I feel I’ve wasted a lot of time, and action points up until this point, and I should start over. Since the DS is portable I can play it away from home, and I did a bit of that over the weekend, so I wasn’t near my computer. Had I been sitting here in front of the computer with the wiki opened I would have figured this out sooner. Oh well.

I’ve decided not to activate my LOTRO account until after I move, as I don’t want to lose any time I could have been playing it. Had I activated it when I first bought the game, I probably could have cancelled before I moved, but that’s more of a hassle than it’s worth. There’s other things I’ll need to take care of after moving, like changing addresses and shit anyway, so I’ll just wait on it. I do enjoy the game, and I do plan to delve into it, but it can wait til next month. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the move. I know that I need to buy a bed, and I no longer have a T.V., and I’m sure there’s other things I’ll need to pick up. Thankfully Ted has enough furniture to go around, so I shouldn’t be too bad off. Anyhow, wish me luck.