June In Review

Summer is back with a vengeance… June has been hot as hell! The year is officially over half gone, and though I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to show for it, time still marches on. I’m still living, still breathing, and still posting! Hopefully my readers are still enjoying what I have to say.

Basic Statistics:
1651 hits.
+31 over May (1620 hits).
-1656 under best month ever (3,307 hits, August ‘07).
435 total posts (including this one).
17,473 total hits to date.

Top Referrer:
A post I made on the EQ2 official forums, regarding Brigands.

New Linking Sites:
None this month 😦 There’s always next month.

Top Posts:
1. The Norrathian Newbie #4 – Which Race is Best for X Class? 
2. Race/Class Combinations
3. Over Two Years of Everquest 2
4. Neriak Newbie Guide
5. Neriak Crafter’s Guide (P.O.I.s) 
6. EQ2 Meme 
7. Dual Boxing
8. A Better Tank
9. The Norrathian Newbie – Control Effects 
10. The Norrathian Newbie #2 – Aggro Management 

No new posts even made the list this month, nearly all of the traffic to my blog is from EQ2 related posts, and almost all are pretty old. The order is different, but nearly all the pages are the same from last month.

Search Engine Terms:

Top: “lost souls (go figure the name of the blog would bring the most traffic)
Best: scetches of arasai”  (spell check please?)

A Year in the Past:
In June of ’07, I didn’t really do a whole lot, it was mostly work and then veg out on EQ2. I started getting into raiding a lot more, though a couple of posts made it seem as though I was missing out on some raids here and there. During the summer the Casino I work at has a lot of special events, so I ended up getting my days off changed quite a bit and that’s always a drag. I was driving the unit at work quite often though, and started really getting into talk radio, particularly the Tom Leykis show. I wrote this article in response to one of his topics.

The Present:
June of ’08 was a strange month. I went back and forth between talking to and not talking to my ex wife. We’re friendly here and there, but then she’ll piss me off and I won’t talk to her for a while. But for whatever reason I always end up talking to her again. I’ve been going out with friends quite a bit and drinking far too much alcohol. I bought some movies, saw some movies, bought a Nintendo DS, and LOTRO. It’s been a good month overall, with spikes of irritation here and there. Hopefully July will bring more good things.