Cabal Sucks, Back to LOTRO

So as I mentioned I downloaded the free-to-play MMO Cabal Online. I played it for about 10 minutes after character creation, and just couldn’t get into it. I died more times than I can count just trying to get into the swing of moving and combat. Click-to-move is a dated system, that is for sure, and I disliked not having an auto attack. Graphically the game looked pretty nice, and I did like the effects in combat, but I wasn’t really feeling it otherwise. It has since been removed from my computer.

I finally got my stimulus check on Monday. It was 3 days late, but much needed. I had planned on buying a Nintendo DS with that money, but decided better of it, mainly because I’m trying to hold onto money and not blow quite so much of it now. So instead I went in search of a copy of LOTRO. I had previously looked at a couple stores in town without luck, so I decided to stop by Game Stop and see if I could get lucky. I did, as they had two copies. One was the regular version of the game, the second was a “collector’s” edition, but in an effort to save money I picked the regular version. Well, to my surprise, they were charging the same for both, and because the game is a year old I got the collector edition for $20. It came with some in-game bullshit and a DVD. I have yet to check any of that out. I actually haven’t even activated it yet because there’s a day or two left on my trial.

Otherwise, I’m waiting for my pay check next week to go get my brakes done on my car. They’re beginning to squeal and it’s getting pretty fuckin’ annoying. Aside from that I have a couple other bills to pay and then I’m golden. I ended up hanging out with some old friends the other day, and went to their apartment. The guy is a friend from way back, and his wife was one of my old friend’s ex-girlfriends, so I’ve known ’em both for years. Anyway, we ended up bullshitting about their apartment, and they had a pretty decent sized 2 bedroom that was town-home style (two stories). He told me they only pay $600/month and that’s just awesome. I told Ted about it and he seems interested, so I’m gonna try to get some more info and maybe we’ll be moving soon. Time will tell. I’ll keep ya posted.

3 thoughts on “Cabal Sucks, Back to LOTRO

  1. Yes I agree 100%. Cabal sucks a lot. I thought it looked tight from videos i saw. Then I decided to download it. The combat graphics are really cool but that is about it. I hate the movement controls and that your health never regenerates. And it is really boring at the start. The only way I would see Cabal as a fun or cool game is if I was like lvl 70+ and im not going to waist my time getting that high. You should check out WoW (World of Warcraft). I always heard of it but never thought it would be worth $15 a month. Well I was wrong when I downloaded the free 10-day trial. It is really fun controls take about 1-2 min to get used to if you never played wow. There is so much stuff to do and so many places to go. I upgraded my account to the real deal and I just cant get enough of it. I am only lvl 14 (got to it in like 3-4 days) and I have been to so many places but come to find out I haven’t even left my continent. Even in the continent there is tons of places to go. There are so many other places and even after that there are expansion packs that you can buy at the store and get even more places to go. Go check it out.


  2. Max, Aion is so much better than WOW. I bet you’re just another one of those 13 year old kiddy wow junkies. Comparing Aion to Cabal and WOW is like comparing a Leonardo da Vinci painting to a 5 year old picture on a fridge. :/


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