Repeat the Cycle

I’ve managed to get back into playing EQ2 here and there again. It’s still definitely not as often as I used to play a year ago, but it’s more often than it’s been recently. I’m still plugging away at my new Necro alt, and he’s been a hell of a lot of fun to play. It’s funny, because as with most classes I didn’t give a chance before, I now love this one. I remember I had more than one Brigand alt back in the day, and none of them made it too far, and then all of a sudden I ended up rolling one and took him all the way to 80. Previously I had a level 30 necro, and now I’m almost to that point again, but I’m not feeling doldrums, I’m feeling like this may be my next high level toon. I wouldn’t mind eventually having a level 80 from each archetype, but that may or may not happen.

It seems to me that extraneous circumstances tend to affect your gaming experience, particularly when speaking of MMOs. If my life is going in order, and I’m in an overall good mood, I tend to want to play video games more. If life is shitty or stressful, it’s just the opposite. Lately, the pressure of being in a “goal-oriented” guild has made me not want to play my guilded toons. Instead, playing an alt, doing my own thing, has been pretty cool. It’s the same way I played my Brigand, but I was a lot more hardcore about leveling him, so I’m hoping my casual approach will stave away burnout.

Yesterday I had a pretty long session. I ended up gaining almost 3 levels, moving from 23 to nearly 26. I ran through all of the lower end zones grabbing up discos, druid ring shrubs, L&Ls, HQs, and flight path access quests. Through my efforts I remembered the things I love about the game. The world has definitely grown since my first run-through. I netted about 3-4 AA throughout the night, and am a mere 3 points away from having Lifeburn, which I’m eager to try out. So far my tank pet has proved to be quite effective, but I’m also not trying anything too tough. Just solo shit. After finishing out that AA line I’m not sure which I will work on next, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading over to the Summoner tree. Guess I’ll find out when the time comes.

In real life, I’ve been busy as usual. Since I’ve become single, everyone and their mother has come out of the woodwork and wants to hang out. There’s only been one or two nights in the last three weeks that I wasn’t invited to do a multitude of things. Me and the ex have been talking here and there, and we’re getting along just fine, so at least there isn’t drama. I’ve found out some shit about someone I thought was a good friend to me, and I’ve written that person off. Mostly, I’m just trying to avoid problems and have the stress and drama free life I’ve been wanting for years. I’ve been pretty successful thus far. Thankfully there are people out there who still want to spend time with me, so I’m not sitting alone sulking. That’s definitely not something I want to spend my nights doing. Honestly, I’m very happy with my situation. My own room would be a nice upgrade, but for now this is working.