Alts Revisited…

Back in Norrath, I’ve avoided playing my mains… for some reason, I just haven’t really felt like it. In fact, I haven’t been playing the game much at all. I did however, decided on another alt that I’m happy with. Here he is, in Darklight Wood outside of the Shadow Oak.

I’ve always liked Necromancers. My highest level toon in EQ1 was a Froglok Necromancer. Granted, he only made it to level 37 before I jumped ship to EQ2, I still enjoyed him. An EQ2 Necro is defintely a differently played character, but I still like ’em nonetheless.

I had a Necro in the past, but at the time I didn’t feel I had the time to devote to him, so he ended up being one of the many alts I deleted. He was an Iskar, and he made it to level 30. But, this was before Neriak was in the game, and the city just fits me. I’m in love with it, and it’s starting area, so I couldn’t resist rolling a new Necro, though this time he’s a Ratonga (a race I can’t seem to stop enjoying). Racial ability-wise a Ratonga may not have been the best choice, but so far so good.

I’ve cleared the Darklight Wood quests with him, and he’s currently sitting at level 23. He would probably be a few levels lower, but I couldn’t resist dumping about 5 pp on collection items, which netted me about 3 levels and a few AA. Currently he’s working on the Necromancer tree, I’m going for Life Burn first, mainly because that tree allows for more DPS early on. Eventually I think I will go for the Tainted Heals line, and I’m not really sure on the Summoner tree. Reason being, I don’t know exactly what pet class I will use primarily. I remember on my old Necro I ended up using the mage pet almost exclusively, because in groups it’s higher DPS, and solo I could root and nuke and rarely had problems even in multi-mob encounters. But, I’ve found that the tank pets seem to be able to hold aggro a lot better than I remember, so I may end up beefing that up.

In the end game, it seems that most Necros use their scout or mage pets during raids and groups. This makes sense, since their DPS outweighs that of the tank pet. But for solo survivability, it would seem the tank pet may be the way to go. Regardless, even if I spec for the tank pet, I would probably end up spec’ing for DPS later on if I decided to use this toon in the end game. For now, he’s my soloer, and it’s been going well.

In other news, the single life has been treating me pretty well. I’ve seen a couple different girls, and it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve seen a couple movies, including the new Indiana Jones and Iron Man. I’ve gone out quite a bit, though that’s stopped recently only because I developed a cold. And then, something worse happened. I went to bed last night, and at about 4 a.m. I woke up with a horrendous pain in my right ear. I wasn’t sure, but I had my suspicions that it might be an ear infection, though I hadn’t had one of those since I was a kid. I tried to bear with the pain and go back to sleep but there was no way around it. I ended up going to the ER at about 5, and was there til around 7. It was in fact an ear infection, and I was prescribed an antibiotic, ear drops, and some vicodin. I ended up going to sleep this morning at about 9, after calling off from work. I slept til the late afternoon.

I ended up going over to Jason’s house after I got up. He lives with his girlfriend and it turns out that they had a roommate who just moved out. They offered for me to take over the room, and we discussed things. I’m not totally decided yet, but it was a pretty decent offer, and I’m mulling it over. I told them I would let them know soon, but that I most likely wouldn’t be moving until the 1st of July if at all. Otherwise I’m still waiting to see what Ted wants to do, because we’ve been talking about getting a place together. My final option would be to stay here with my sister until her lease is up in August, and then move with her into a two bedroom house or apartment. At this point I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I don’t really have to get moving any time soon.