80 At Last

There were some important developments over the last couple weeks that I didn’t touch on yet, EQ2-wise. I went on my first raid with The Covenant, and though it was a largely successful raid, no phat loots for me, nor did we clear the zone. We went to the Temple of Kor-sha, and we wiped quite a few times on the “twins”. It was an interesting night nonetheless, and my first ROK raid, so I was ok with what little came out of it. Here’s a shot of Izlain during our endless wiping session: 

I finally got him some crap gear that all pretty well matches in his appearance slots, I think he looks pretty spiffy.

A couple days later, I took part in a contested mob raid, this time in Kylong Plains. Dominus Atrebe was up in KP2, and our raid leader spotted him and instantly called for a raid. I managed to get in on this one, and we took him down easily. He’s pretty much a straight burn mob, nothing really fancy. He did drop a pretty nice cloak for a caster, and a decent crushing weapon, but nothing I could use. Still, it was easy AA. Here’s a shot of The Covenant preparing to pull:

After this, I went on my merry way questing in Jarsath Wastes. I was sitting 3% away from 80 at the raid, so I wanted to get my level. I had worked on the Clan Stormshield faction quests the night before, grinding out most of level 79, so I went and continued working on that, and soon enough:


It was a nice feeling to have a max level character again, but I can’t get too complacent with just that, as I have approximately 11 AA to get before I’m sitting at 140, so I still have some work to do. I’ve managed to upgrade mostly all of the Brigand’s gear to legendary, and I have a whopping 1 fabled piece. Hopefully that number will jump soon, as I’ll be able to spend more time raiding rather than leveling… not to mention I’m going to get started on my Epic questline very soon.

After hitting level 80 with the Brig, I got a little bored with the JW quests, and not wanting to feel a burnout coming on, I decided to log on my Paladin, who has gather mucho dust lately. It was a nice change of pace, and it’s been long enough since I did the Kylong Plains quests, that it felt almost new again… almost. I ran him around for an hour or so, and he saw his first level since somewhere around February of last year. So it’s been a while for him. I intend to level him to 80 as well, and since his gear is a mix of T7 legendary/fabled, he’s doing pretty well solo in KP, better than the brig did, though the brig was doing these quests starting at level 68… so the Paladin has an edge overall.

I also started up a lowbie, once again in Neriak. This one is a Necromancer, and I’m not sure if he’ll stick around or not… I had one in the past that got to 30 and was deleted so I never know which alts are going to make the cut or not.

For now, that’s all I have.

6 thoughts on “80 At Last

  1. Grats man! I’ll see 80 one of these days. Of course, at the slow and casual road I’m taking at the moment, we’ll see another level increase before I do. 🙂


  2. Probably not… this next expansion shouldn’t raise the cap, so unless you play too many alts or jump to one of the new MMOs coming out you should be able to make it, you’ll have another year.

    I didn’t hit 70 on my Paladin until after EOF came out, though I could have. Here it is 6 months after ROK released, and I barely got one level 80. I want to have the Paladin at 80 as well before the next expansion, or before WAR comes out, which ever comes first.

    And who knows, WAR could suck, so I might come right back to EQ2.


  3. There aren’t any MMO’s on the radar that I’m interested in, so all that would take me away from EQ2 is boredom.

    I’m mostly being sarcastic anyway. I’m leveling my 2 guys slowly right now, but it’s mostly due to a lack of time. I can only really grind them on the weekends because I’m spending most of my time at nights during the week studying for my Microsoft certifications.


  4. @ Wilhelm2451: thanks man!

    @ Rao: at least you have your priorities straight. most people who have multiple level 80s aren’t trying to further themselves… unless scholarships or parents are paying their way through life.


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