Havoc, Here I Come

The time is almost here for my Brigand to start working on his epic questline. Yes, this is something that should have been done sooner, but I did take a long break from the game, so I’m just getting to it. Recent adventures have brought him closer to his goal, and I’m excited to get started.

A while ago I read the walkthru for the Brigand epic, finding out exactly what pre-requisites were required to start it. Aside from being level 80, which is obvious, I also had to max faction with Riliss, learn the Sathirian language, finish the War and Wardrobe HQ, and finish a collection tome from Nek 3, “Our Lady of Betrayal”. At the time I was already finished with one of the steps, having max faction with Riliss. You may remember earlier posts where I ran through the War and Wardrobe HQ, also when I finished the Sathirian language, which was the starting point for the Thugga questline (which I also finished). As of a couple days ago, I only needed to finish a Nek 3 run, in order to complete the collection.

My Dad brought his monk along with one of our guildies (a healer) and we attempted to clear the zone. None of us had ever visited Nek 3, so we were in for quite a surprise. It’s common knowledge that in this zone, you start in the basement, and work your way towards the entrance, where you would normally start in the zone (Nek, Nek 2). It might not be as common knowledge that you must figure out where to go to get there, as many of the normally open passageways are closed off. There’s also a multitude of shinies that are traps, along with traps through out corridors. Needless to say, we didn’t make it too far without a wipe, and there were several wipes along the way. All I managed to grab was the binder for Our Lady of Betrayal, but no pages before we called it.

Last night was a different story. Previously I looked on the broker to see if I could bypass the hassle of the zone and just buy all of the pages. All but one page was present on the broker, so I didn’t buy any of them, I decided I would just gather a group again and try to collect them myself.

In the interim, I switched guilds. The Obsidian Order was a decent guild, but their raid force was lacking (still being built really), and my Dad along with quite a few other guildies decided to go over to another guild, called The Covenant. The Covenant is lead by someone we knew in game, and came along with some other guildies we also knew. They already had a fairly dedicated raid force, so it seemed like a better choice for all.

Back to last night, I managed to snag Bashu (a guard that switched guilds with us) and his wife, Tabitha (who also made the switch), and we headed to Nek 3. We blew through it quite easily, and a lot of the zone stayed grey since I had leveled from 78 to 79 between the two runs. I managed to get all but four of the pages, but the main page I was concerned with was page 10, as it was the one page not present on the broker when I had checked. The good news was I grabbed up the most expensive pages, so we called it. The bad news is when I went back on the broker, I purchased 3 of the 4 missing pages, but the last one, page 5, wasn’t on the broker. So I’m hoping when I log on today I’ll find it, otherwise I’m going to have to take my happy ass back into the zone.

Earlier in the night I managed to get in on a COA run, and I got one decent upgrade, the Sebilite Chain Arms. At this point my Brigand has mostly legendary gear, with one fabled piece (and I believe a couple treasured). Hopefully with the help of this new guild, after a few raids I’ll be able to say I have quite a few fabled pieces.

So, provided I can finish my tome, I’ll only have to hit level 80 and then I’ll be ready for my epic questline. For now, I have 60% to go until I hit 80, so that’s what I’m going to concentrate on today. There are still a couple quests lingering in my journal for Kylong Plains, a couple more in Fens, quite a few Heroic quests for Kunzar (though I finished 3 of those in Sebilis last night), and I still have quests to work on in Jarsath. So I’m not wanting for things to do. My main concern is hitting 80, followed by getting my CAs upgraded to Adept3s at least, followed by getting better gear. Then I’ll be switching off between raiding with my Brig and leveling up my Paladin who is sitting back at level 70.

I’m also attempting to figure out what other class I might like playing, as I’d like to level another to cap. Who knows what it will end up being. I have a couple lowbies created, but they’re just sitting between levels 1 and 5. Who knows which will make the cut. So that’s what’s going on in EQ2 land for me, at the moment.