And Everything is as it Was…

However laughable it might sound, my household has returned to it’s former self. Briefly side tracked by newer, shinier MMOs, me and my roommate have returned to our previous MMOs, and instead of having bad things to say, we’re complacent.

My roommate played WoW, while I played EQ2. We both hit slumps, and we both started searching for new MMOs to play. Along came Pirates of the Burning Sea. I managed to play the game for about half of my free 30 days, before finding enough fault in it to be dismayed. John took about a month longer to come to the same conclusion. Today, via Hudson, I read this article, and realized that we are not alone in thinking that the game is fairly lackluster. If you’re too lazy to click the link, it basically says that 7 of the 11 PotBS servers are coming down, and the remaining populations are merging. Not a great sign from a game that launched a couple months ago. It won’t be surprising if the game comes to a demise sometime this year.

So where did this leave us? I moved on to Hellgate: London, and John went back to WoW after some coaxing by his family. Eventually Hellgate got boring for me as well, so I was still looking for something new. Finally, some talks with Rao got me wanting to play EQ2 again. So I rolled a Guard on his server (Unrest) and we chatted and I played and things were good. For a while. Once again, playing through the same content I had played a thousand times before proved to be boring. Once again, I was left wanting something new to play. Boredom drove me to log onto my Paladin a few days ago. I was just planning on soloing the quests in Kylong Plains until I got bored, when my Dad sent me a tell. He told me that his guild (that he had been in since before I left the game) was building a raid force, and had been raiding here and there. He said that they were in need of a high level Brigand, so I should log him on and join up.

Within 15 minutes of having been on, I had my toons in a new guild and was on vent and was preparing to do some questing. It was refreshing and a lot of fun to have some people to group with again. We did some running around in Kunzar Jungle, until it was time to call it a night. My Brigand managed to get an AA and a level, his first of each in about 4 months. A couple nights later, my Dad and I grouped up and he got me started on the Thugga quest line. Apparently I had already started it, but wasn’t aware of the reward at the end. I had already collected the tome pages, just needed to do the language quest to start the rest of the series. So we did everything up until the fens quest, where I was stuck waiting on a named Yha-Lei. Luckily, we didn’t get stuck camping, as some guildies wanted to do some named hunting.

So we were off to the Jarsath Wastes, a zone I had yet to enter til then. We checked for a named shark (a rather large, orange con heroic), and he was up. He was easy enough to take down, but only dropped a treasure chest. A general was next on our list, whom apparently drops some nice scout boots, but he dropped a treasure chest as well. The AA on the other hand was nice, I believe I got another during this run. Afterwards, the group decided a Crypt of Agony run was in order, and I was ready to get my DPS on. So we headed in, tore some shit up, and had an awesome turnout. Ornate and Exquisite chests were dropping left and right, and I managed to come out with 3 new pieces of gear, although I have yet to equip any of it due to level restrictions. Still, upgrades are nice to have.

Today, my Dad and I grouped up again to finish the Thugga quest line. We only had to camp the first named, and only for about 10 minutes. We moved on from there, getting the next two named without camping, and a couple other named on our way through gathering necessary items for the quest. I was lucky enough to get some legendary shoulders from a named Giant near the field of bone; ornate chests being rare off of ^’s. Finally, I finished the quest line and received my Band of Thugga, a fabled ring. Afterwards, we started working on the Shackle series in Kunzar, and I’m up to the point now where I have to go into the City of Mist for the next update. Only a couple more steps and I’ll have my Tynonnium Shackle.

I started to get tired, so me and my Dad headed to Teren’s Grasp so he could make me a couple items through the commission system. First was a “Riliss Chick Leg”, a +25 Str/Sta, +50 CA dmg charm slot item. A great upgrade over the +10 Str hex doll that was present. The second item was the AA respec mirror, which may or may not come in handy some day. Either way, nice to have.

So my adventures in Norrath have begun anew. Warhammer got delayed to the fall, and is really the only new MMO on the horizon I’m interested in, so EQ2 is the game for me until then. My roommate seems like he’s going to play WoW until AoC is released, at which point he’s switching games again. Personally, AoC doesn’t seem all that great, but I suppose I’ll see once John plays the beta, which starts at the beginning of the month. Anyway, I’m happy with EQ2 again, and I’m back in the swing of things.

3 thoughts on “And Everything is as it Was…

  1. I hadn’t seen you online for a while, so I figured you were bored with the newbie experience. I can certainly understand that.

    For myself, I’m having fun again as well… more fun than I’ve had in some time getting to group with a guild buddy and go do instances and dungeons that I never got the chance to do on Rao.

    At the same time, I’m looking towards the future and not sure that I like what I see. My guild, while a great bunch of people, are fixated on certain goals. I think they sometimes forget that games are supposed to be fun. I’ll sometimes hear people in chat asking if someone wants to do something like Unrest or an instance in KoS and the answer is always the same… “Why? The loot sucks.”

    The more days that go by, the more I consider if I should start hunting for a new guild… one that is less concerned with reaching the very top content and more concerned with making sure people are having fun and getting to do the things that they want to do.

    I just don’t know if a guild like that exists.


  2. Yeah, the guild that I’m in certainly has no qualms doing t7 stuff, and most mentor to help out the lowbies. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’d have to spend a wad to transfer your toons, I’d suggest you come over to Butcherblock. But we both know that isn’t feasible.


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