Weekend Recap

So it’s been a busy weekend.

Thursday I didn’t have anything planned, but Gina told me that there was a possiblity that we would be going out with Megan and Herbie, which has become a weekly ritual. For the most part, I didn’t do shit all day, aside from picking up my check and depositing it. I figured out the budget, and figured we had about $100 for the time being that we could play around with. So, when Gina ended up talking to Megan, we decided to meet them at the wheel house bar. I was still recovering from that blasted cold I had all last week, so I decided I wasn’t going to drink, just play pool.

Not drinking while playing pool has its advantages. Last week when we went to the same bar, and played on the same shitty pool table with the same shitty cues, I had a nice losing streak. Not this time. This time, I rocked, and came out with a clean 5-0 record. I did have one drink, but it was non-alcoholic; a smoothy. And damn was it tasty. We ended up clearing out of there relatively early, mainly because we didn’t have too much money to spend, and it was getting a little boring after we closed out the pool table. That, and the band really sucked. So, we headed back to the house, and hung out. After they decided to take off, we headed to bed.

On Friday, I had no plans again, so I did a bunch of stuff on the computer. I went onto itunes to see about downloading a few of the songs that I got teased with (see last post). I ended up getting about ten songs, so $10 later I was happy. At least momentarily. Having seen some ads for Subway’s new promotion (foot long subs for $5 each), we decided it was time to get some grub. When we got home, we contemplated going out to the movies, but settled on renting a pay per view one. We decided to watch American Gangster, and it did not disappoint. Definitely a movie I want to purchase.

Afterwards, I set about playing some video games, and I managed to find my way into EQ2-land, where I played my Guardian for quite some time. I managed to get him up to level 18, and he’s now sitting halfway down the stamina KOS AA line, working his way down. After finishing up that line, I plan to go down strength, but that’s neither here nor there. Regardless, he’s almost 20, and has almost finished all of the Darklight Wood quest lines. Would be finished altogether, but this is the only time I spent playing the game all weekend, which is unfortunate. I finished out the night playing video games, and then hit the hay.

On Saturday I worked in the morning, but after I got home, found out that the movies I mentioned ordering a few posts ago, finally came. Gina mentioned something to me about possibly going over to Shawn, Crystal, and Howard’s new pad (they were roommates previously, and just moved), but that it wouldn’t be until later on. So we decided to once again eat Subway (hey, it’s better than regular fast food), and we watched “Bee Movie”. It was cute, though I did want to wait to watch that one with the kids. Nonetheless, we’ll be watching it again sometime this week. After the movie I called Shawn to see what was up, and he said he was at Wal-Mart with Crystal on her lunch break, but said that he would come over when he was done there. He showed up shortly thereafter and we kicked it in the garage and bullshitted. There was a central topic, but that’s something I will save for another post, mainly because I have a lot to say about it, and I don’t want this post to run on much longer. Anyway, we hung out until Crystal got off work, and then followed him to get her, and then to their house. We ended up playing some Guitar Hero III, and watching a movie, and chatting as well. We were going to just crash out there, but they hadn’t moved everything in yet, so our option was to sleep on the floor. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. We went home, and I didn’t get into bed until after 2, and probably didn’t fall asleep until 3. That made work today a little shitty, but I managed to make it through.

I managed to come up on a copy of Guitar Hero III, only because Shawn ended up with 2 copies. Unfortunately I don’t have a guitar for it, so I’m going to have to go hunting for that soon. Then I’ll have a reason to play on the PS2 again.

That about sums it all up. Until next time, pasta.