Teased with a good time

I just wasted 4 hours of my life.

Not that a lot of what I do isn’t a waste, as playing video games is essentially a waste of time. As is writing this blog. As is watching T.V. or movies. Or listening to music. Even reading. Pretty much, all we’re doing is wasting time, no matter what we’re doing. But I can justify all of my interests in the name of entertainment. These things make me happy, and all we can do in life is try to be happy with the time we have. Anyway, driving on towards my point.

Gina got a 30-day trial for Napster. She told me about it while I was at work, so I spent my last two hours there thinking of music I would want to check out and possibly download. Not having used Napster ever before, I didn’t know how their selection would be, nor their limitations for use. All I knew is that I had 30 days of unlimited downloads, and that would mean I could fill in all the gaps in my music collection, along with grabbing up new material, and stuff I used to have (and paid for in the past) but don’t anymore. When I got home, I figured out how to use the browser, and got to searching for tunes. I managed to find nearly everything on my list, along with stuff I hadn’t thought of, and downloaded nearly 400 songs. I was excited to get those songs onto my ipod and expand my collection.

Napster’s downloads are in .wma format, which is the format I used before I got my ipod. When I got the ipod and started using itunes, I converted all of my songs to .mp3 format because that’s what is compatible with the hardware. I used my sound card’s audio conversion software to do this, and it was a project, let me tell you. I was prepared to take on this project again, on a lesser scale, and after the downloads were complete, I set about doing so. I opened the audio converter, and added all of the freshly downloaded files to the queue. I hit “start”, and nothing happened.

Curious, I opened Napster’s browser back up, and attempted to burn a cd using the software. Nothing happened again. Seeing as how the files were .wma, I opened Windows Media Player and attempted to burn a cd using it. Nothing happened, save for an info bubble appearing next to the songs in the library. This info bubble presented me with the needed information, something I wish I would have found before I went fucking crazy downloading songs. Turns out that the 30-day trial is extremely limited. The files downloaded to your computer may be played for a period of 30 days. Then, the files expire and I assume become useless. The songs may not be burned, and though I tried, could not find a work around. The songs may be synced with a compatible device up to 3 times, but the devices that are compatible are cellphones, with the “Napster to-go” software installed on them. This may be a long shot, but I’m willing to bet that the songs would expire on your phone as well. So the 30-day free trial amounts to renting the songs for a limited period of time.

What was I expecting, to get unlimited downloads for 100% free, without paying anything and not being limited in what I do with them? Well yes, yes I was. If Napster wants me to get acquainted with their service, they should give me an incentive. I would have preferred “50 free downloads” with no strings attached over this pathetic excuse for a bargain. I’ve used other trial offers like that before, and was completely satisfied, though I never wanted to subscribe. If I want to buy music, I want the cd that I can hold in my hand. If I don’t care about having the cd, then I will use itunes to pick and choose what songs I want, and that will be that. At least they don’t give false promises. Overall, don’t get suckered into this like I did. Avoid Napster like the plague.

In other news, I’ve been playing EQ2 daily again. I’m back into it, almost like the old days. I haven’t quite figured out what makes this run different from the last few times I’ve tried to give the game another chance, but something is just working. Hellgate London held my attention for a while, and I’m not done with it, but it lacks the depth I want in a game. Great for shooting stuff and toying around, but it’s not that great. I was planning on writing a review for it, but I’ve lost interest in that. Hellgate was something shiny and new, and now it feels like playing Diablo 2 over again. Not that Diablo or Hellgate are bad games, it just feels like a re-hash, and I can play it when I feel like playing that type of game again. Otherwise, EQ2 is the game for me, at least until I get my hands on WAR, which looks to be at the end of the year. But who knows, no other game has been able to hold my interest like EQ2 has. EQ1 fell short for me. PotBS did the same. Hellgate London is still neat, but won’t hold lasting appeal. The single player games I’ve played recently don’t compare to MMOs, and that’s why I stopped playing single player games in the first place. Honestly, there is nothing out there at this point in time that compares to EQ2, and I’m happy to feel this way again.

So my Guardian, Drykscar, made it to level 16 last night, and is well on his way to level 17. He’s been a blast to play, and though he kills shit much slower than my Brigand did, probably even slower than my Pally did, he’s still different enough to add a “new” feeling, even if I’m playing through the Darklight Wood quests for the 20th time. If they made another starting area I enjoyed as much, I’d probably have some sort of alternation, but Neriak is the city for me. Anyway, the Guardian is nearing completion of the Darklight Wood quests, and will be moving on to new lands shortly. Thankfully I have plenty of experience moving out of the Neriak starter zone, that I know exactly where I’ll go next and what I’ll be doing.

Starting on a new server has been interesting by itself. Having no cash, no supplies, nothing to transfer over from a “main” is kind of it neat. It’s almost like playing a new game, even if I know everything I need to know already. Me and Rao talked about playing together and have yet to do so, but just the thought of playing with a whole new set of people I’ve never played with, and none that I know on a personal level, is exciting. Call me crazy, but I’m glad that I made the leap. That doesn’t mean I won’t pop in on my other sever, and doesn’t mean those toons will get deleted or anything crazy like that, it just means that I’m having fun with the game again, and that’s what’s important.

I have a couple other posts in mind that I will be writing over my days off. Check back in the next couple days for more.

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  1. Cool man. Glad you are enjoying your new toon.

    My play time last night was short as I was still recovering from the long work day of the day before and ended up in bed very early. I’m feeling pretty well recovered now though, so I will hopefully get on early tonight and get some CA’s knocked out for you. If not tonight then tomorrow night for sure.


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