A Worthy Expense

I played some more Hellgate London on Wednesday night after work. I managed to get to level 12 on my Engineer before deciding that I would play some CoD4. I ended up playing that until about 2 in the morning before calling it a night. As far as HG:L goes, I’m still having a lot of fun with the game, and I feel I have enough of a feel for it, so I’m going to write a review for it. Look for that shortly.

Thursday was a good and bad day rolled into one. I woke up in the afternoon and had some breakfast (biscuits and gravy are awesome!) and then I set about lounging. Gina got a call from her ex, and I ended up having to call him back to set a few things straight. Long story short, he got instantly combative so the phone call was cut short. I was a little heated after wards, so I took a few to calm down, and then I played some games. We had made plans previously to go to the bar with a few friends, so I killed enough time til it was time to go, and then we headed out. John (gasp!) actually came along this time, which is rare for him. We went to the Wheel House Bar, and thankfully there was a pool table left open, so I quickly snatched that up. We then got to drinking and playing some pool.

I played horribly all night, and for some reason, one of the worst pool players ever managed to win something like 8 in a row. He’s my friend, but I had to give him shit. Overall, a bunch of our friends showed up and we all had a great time. We were there from around 9 p.m. til almost 2 a.m., and all of us got pretty wasted. We headed home shortly thereafter, and almost everyone decided to come along. There was a little bit of drama at our house, and though I won’t name names, the story is humorous to me so I will give the broad details. Me and Gina got back to the house first, followed by the other few people who came, and we ended up drinking the leftover beer we had in the fridge. Someone came here with Del Taco, and we all asked where ours was, so those people decided to go out again, and it was making it pretty obviously that the guy and girl were into each other. At least, that’s the way everyone was taking it, and the guy’s girlfriend was sitting there with us, while he left with the other girl. So when they all got back, as soon as it was just Gina and the girl, she told the girl to leave. The conversation went something like this:

Gina: I think you should leave.
Girl: Uh, what?
Gina: You need to leave now.
Girl: Um, ok…
Gina: Get the fuck out of my house before you get your ass beat.
Girl: Uh, can you open the garage door?
Gina: You can fucking crawl.

The girl proceeded to crawl under the garage door, and as she did, Gina made sure to give her a swift kick in the ass. Unfortunately, when the guy came back out, he got angry and left as well. Things are kosher now, but I was a little worried he would be upset about it for a while. I’m sure there’s more to the story on everyone else’s part, but I just thought it was hilarious to watch the girl crawl under the garage door and get her ass kicked. Shortly thereafter the guy’s girlfriend left as well, and I crashed out.

Yesterday, as most hangover days go, I didn’t do much of anything. Gina went and got us some food and I got out of bed to eat it. Then we decided to watch some pay-per-view movies, and John joined us. We watched Good Luck Chuck first, and directly after that we watched Superbad. The former was a so-so movie, it had some good and some bad parts. The bad in particular was during the emo-tastic middle of the movie. Superbad was awesome from start to finish, and rather long for a comedy. I decided that I had to own that one, so later on in the day I set out to find it and a couple others online. I ended up ordering it, Poolhall Junkies and Bee Movie for the kids. Poolhall Junkies is one I had already seen, but is an awesome flick, and I couldn’t ever find it anywhere so it was a good buy at $10.

After that, we ended up going out to eat. Initially we headed to Chili’s, but the place was fuckin’ packed and I didn’t feel like waiting. So we headed to Polly’s, which is in the same parking lot. There was no wait, and I had eaten there before and it was pretty good so I gave it my recommendation. Apparently the last time I went though, it was when some decent waitresses were working, because our service sucked. We got sat down, given menus, and then were completely ignored for 20 minutes. So Gina and John were pissed and we walked out. We finally arrived at Steer n’ Stein, a place I hadn’t eaten at in years, and Gina had never been. We grubbed down and it was delicious, though a bit pricey. I rounded out my night play some vids before hitting the hay.

On a side note, apparently me and Gina and Chris are all cool now. He’s been at the bar the last few times we’ve gone, and there hasn’t been much tension, and I guess him and Gina talked the other night and went over everything. If she’s ok, then I guess I am too. He’s been cool, so there’s no reason for us to have any problems.

One last note. I sent Rao, from Gestalt Mind an email last night, trying to find out some info about him in EQ2-land. I got the information I needed in an email today, and I plan to roll a lowbie on his server to play with him. I read about his adventures almost daily, and it seems he plays the way I used to. And, his play time corresponds well with mine, so I think I’m going to try and spark up a duo, and hell, maybe even jump into his guild. Just trying to reignite my EQ2 love, as I’ve tried a lot of things and nothing has worked quite as well as I would have liked. Thankfully, Hellgate is free, so I don’t have to worry about wasted money if I don’t play it every day. EQ2 has been a waste of money for a while and I intend to rectify that.

That’s all for now. I have two other articles in the works so look for those later in the week. Until then…