Enter the Hellgate

Hellgate London – First Impressions:

I installed Hellgate London last night, and right from the intro movie, I was hooked. My Dad told me that he had been playing it, and was going on and on about how cool it was, but I had heard some negative commentary online, so I assumed the game wasn’t as great as he made it seem. I was wrong. Sorry for doubting you Pops.

At the character creation screen I checked out the available classes, all of which are vastly different from the fantasy worlds I’m accustomed to. But, underneath it all, this is still a game made by the same guys as Diablo, so you will notice similarities. I ran through the classes and decided to try out an Engineer, as the ability to make robots andcarry guns sounded bad ass. As it turns out, it was. It’s the class I intend to take online.

I started out playing single player, just to get a feel for the game and see if I would like the Engineer. I did like him, but still wanted to try out others, so I rolled a Blademaster and an Evoker. The former sucked, I didn’t like it at all. The latter was pretty cool, and may end up being my primary alt. For now, I’m going to try to focus on only one class, that way I can get somewhere in the game… alt-itus has gotten the better of me in the past.

Apparently I will have to make my character over to play with it online, so I intend to do so shortly. Graphically the game is a little wanting on my machine, but I bet a state of the art rig would make it look great. The UI doesn’t get in the way, and I like it’s design. The character models seem to have gotten the most attention, they look better than mobs or environments, but again this could be due to my system being almost 4 years old. That’s ancient in technology years.

Gameplay-wise Hellgate is arcadey, but it’s in a good way. I’m not disappointed with the combat system at all, nor the interface in general. Everything runs smoothly, and I enjoying it thus far. PotBS is definitely over for me.

In other news, Gina ended up going out again last night, this time to Wal-mart, and picked up another movie, Shrek the Third. Shortly after posting yesterday, we watched I Am Legend, and I must say Will Smith is becoming one of my favorite actors. His performance was outstanding, and I enjoyed the entire premise of the film. I won’t spoil it, but you gotta see it. Later that evening, we watched Shrek, and I enjoyed it just as much a second time around. Gina had never seen it so it was very entertaining for her. We ended up going to be shortly thereafter.

One last note before I go. I was checking my stats for the site earlier, and noticed that 666 spam comments had been blocked by Askimet. Thought it was funny.