Updates on all Fronts

I’ve been busy. Every day I end up doing something different with my time, and it’s been enjoyable, not tying myself down to one hobby, as I used to do with EQ2. Before, I would spend countless hours playing that game, and even though I had a blast doing it, eventually it got old. I thought the same thing might happen when I bought PotBS, but that game fell short in my eyes. I didn’t even play the whole 30 day trial before cancelling. So it was $50 wasted, but it was ok for a few days. I suppose I just needed something completely new.

So a week ago I bought a guitar. I’ve been tweaking out on that for at least an hour a day since buying it, and the good news is my fingers are getting calloused enough that they don’t hurt like a bitch after a session. Ted plays guitar, and he’s supposed to be giving me some beginner lessons and tips, but I have yet to get any. I went over there a few days ago with that in mind, but we ended up just eating some food (which was awesome by the way) and playing some chess. We’ve gotten back into playing chess a lot, and make a point to take lunch together at work to get a quick game (or two) in. It’s been fun, and a break from the monotony.

I did actually delve into EQ2 for a couple hours last night, as I had stumbled upon the forums and reading about Paladin shit made me want to play mine. I got him about half a level, so he’s sitting at almost 71, and also an AA, but it was getting late so I had to call it. I still plan to keep an active subscription of that game, mainly because it’s still fun in small doses.

Today I played hookie, and we ran some errands, and I bought some shit. We came up on some spare funds, so I intended to pick up the new Bury Your Dead CD (self-titled), the DVD I Am Legend, and a new game for my computer. I had seen previously that they released Guitar Hero III for the PC/Mac, and since I don’t have a (working) video game system, I could at least get it for my computer. It was $80, but came with a guitar, and the game itself. Sounded like a deal until I looked at the system specs. Unfortunately, even though the game itself came out last year, apparently they beefed up the graphics for the computer version, as it required a dual-core processor, a 7 series GeForce card, and 2GB of RAM, all of which I don’t have. So I looked around and decided to pick up a copy of Hellgate: London, which had just been price cut to $40. So I spent a little less money and got a new game. My Dad has been playing the game and said he thought I would like it, so I’m giving it a whirl. Hopefully this too wasn’t a waste of money.

There’s a couple other things I might do today, but for the most part I’m ready to just veg out. I’m about to watch that movie and I’ll be playing the game later on tonight. So Dad, if you read this, I’ll be in that game tonight. Hope to see you on.