Are you wearing the Suffering?

I am now.

And though that probably sounds like a bad thing, I think, that in a symbolic way, it’s awesome. To break apart the statement, “suffering” is a verb, which means to endure something painful. Separate the two words, and you have “suffer” and “ring”. Put them together, and add “the” in front of it, and you have “the suffering”. This making it a noun; an object if you will. To finish the sentence, add “Are you wearing”, to “the Suffering”, and you have a question. In the song, “The Suffering” by Coheed and Cambria, there are questions asking “will you marry me?” and “are you wearing the suffering?”.  I immediately equated this with a wedding ring, and a clever nick name for it, “The Suffering”. I actually have it tattooed on my arm.

Anyway, I am now wearing The Suffering, on the ring finger of my left hand. Most would think, “my God, what a way to think about marriage, it’s supposed to be special etc.” I on the other hand, think of marriage as suffering what the world throws at you, together. We are now bound to each other, and we now must endure the pain of years to come, but we will have each other to help one another through. It also represents, to me, our past, and what we have already endured; the ring symbolizes the bond we forged throughout. So though it may sound a bit abrasive at first, if you think about it I think you will understand.

So yes, me and Gina got married. We had the ceremony at our house and it almost went off without a hitch. Pretty much everything worked out, though we started a little later than expected, and people left a little earlier than expected. Also, a few of the people we though were going to show up didn’t, but the most important people did. I was glad for that. Our anniversary will now be on March 8th rather than May 25th, which would have been our 3 year mark as a couple. All in all, it was the best night of my life (thus far), and I’m glad that I finally found someone to spend my life with.

The day after our wedding, which would be Sunday, we spent the day together. Me and Gina made out pretty well gift wise, and had a couple gift cards we wanted to use. We ate at Chili’s courtesy of Elias, and then went and saw a movie. We ended up seeing 10,000 B.C., and though overall it was decent, there were some bits of it that were disappointing. Worth a watch on the big screen, but I wouldn’t own it. The two other movies we were tossing up were Semi-Pro and The Bank Job, and I think either would have been money better spent. Regardless, it was fun to see a movie in the theater, it had been quite a while.

Later we went to Wal-mart and made a few purchases with our new-found spare cash. We bought some cat stuff for Glenn, and then ended up purchasing a whole fish tank starter kit and some goldfish. The goldfish were strictly for helping speed along the growing ecosystem, this week we’re going back for some oscars, sharks, koi, or whatever to put in there. The goldfish will probably end up as some food. I also bought myself a guitar. Nothing fancy, a $60 acoustic. I’ve been toying with that, and it’s been fun, but I need to find some easy beginner tabs to practice, because AFI and Coheed’s guitarists are a bit advanced for me. We picked up a few other items and were chillin’ at the pad shortly thereafter.

That’s really all I’ve been up to. I cancelled my free subscription to PotBS. It really didn’t hold my interest long. I still have an active EQ2 account, but I haven’t been playing too much. I’ve been mostly playing on the guitar, hanging out, playing CoD4, or sleeping/working. My days off changed this week, so I now have Thursday/Friday off, and it’s a little depressing. I was enjoying my weekends off, and now I’ll have less to do, since mostly everyone chills on weekends. Ah well, such is life.