M.I.A. No Longer

I’m officially back into playing EQ2, at least a lot more regularly than I was in recent months.

What really got me wanting to play was reading about the Epic weapon questlines. Granted, I’m not even 80 yet, on any character (my highest is level 75 at the moment), but looking through what was needed, it seemed easy enough.

I found out that there were pre-requisites for starting the quest (aside from being level 80), and for my Brigand, I needed to have done the War and Wardrobe HQ, a collection quest in Nektropos Castle (part 3), 50,000 Riliss faction (had that done already), and the Sathrithian Language (which I already did as well). So I already had a couple things done, and the other pre-requisites seemed easy enough as well.

Last night I started and finished the War and Wardrobe HQ, which was easy of course, being level 75 and it being a level 35 quest. I then headed to Nektropos, finding that the “tribulation” version of the castle was a huge pain in the ass, and I wasn’t really able to solo right from the get go. So I’m going to try and get my Dad to help with that tonight. Otherwise, that’s all I got done on my Brigand.

I should also mention that last week I started a new alt, and it looks to be one that makes the cut. He’s a Defiler, and he’s level 20. I don’t know when I’ll get him leveled up, but I’ve been toying with him here and there. Defilers are really my favorite healing class and so I’m going to try to stay dedicated to him long enough to see the higher tiers. But then again, things change with me so much that who knows if he’ll ever get played again. We’ll see I suppose. Before I go, here’s some screens from last night’s adventure.

eq2_000025.jpg  eq2_000026.jpg  eq2_000027.jpg