More from the Caribbean

So I had another slow weekend game wise. Friday night I ended up getting the tattoo I posted about (picture in the post below), and didn’t do much else. On Saturday, I ended up going to Wal-mart and picking up some movies, and then we got some junk food and pigged out, watching one of the movies. Our friend’s funeral was that night as well, and the swell guy that he is, decided he wanted everyone over for a barbecue at his house. No formal occasion. So we made our appearance and drank a few around the bon fire, and then some of the guys were heading to a bar, so we went along. Cory’s wife, Karee, was our designated driver, and we had an ok time. I wasn’t really in the mood to drink so I was in a weird mood, but it was nice to hang out in a rather large group for a change. Drews and Amber showed up, and I hadn’t seen them in quite some time, and that was nice, but someone decided to invite Chris to the bar as well. Though I’m over most of the shit that happened between us, he wasn’t really someone I wanted to see. He only said a few words to me, but still, talk about stealing the thunder. Later, after we left the bar, we went to Denny’s, and some genius decided to invite A.J., a guy I got into it with a few months back. Overall, it was a decent night, but a little awkward at times.

We lounged around all day on Sunday. I only left the house once to get some smokes, otherwise we just watched a movie, and I did finally play some PotBS. The two movies I purchased were Blades of Glory and Zodiac, both of which I feel were worth the purpose. The former was a little cheese dick, but I love Will Ferrel so it was still awesome. The latter is long (almost 3 hours), and a bit more involved, also more dialogue focused. It was from the creator(s) of Seven though, and if anyone knows a serial killer movie, those guys do. Both are movies I would recommend watching, if not buying. The latter in particular.

So, what did I do on Pirates? Well, I logged on my Privateer, thinking that I might group up with John and his bro, but they were both busy on their mains, who are quickly approaching level 30 (already). So I just worked on quests. I managed to hit level 10 with him, but there isn’t much else to write about… everything kind of runs together and I forget half of what I’ve done before I’m finished doing it. The game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but nothing is really memorable. It’s just another rehash. Despite the negative connotation in this paragraph, I’m still enjoying the game, and I have some more screens for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Enjoy.

022.png   025.png   028.png