Jorge Has A Crew

I didn’t play much PotBS this weekend, but what little time I did play was a blast. In a little under a week, we’ve already managed to get ourselves a three man group, John having convinced me and his Brother to try the game out. I tried to get my Dad to join up too, but he’s apparently busy playing something else (on a completely unrelated side note, we also already have damn near enough people to make a guild in WAR when it comes out).

So, I started out playing a little the first night I had the game, on Jorge Silva, my Spanish Privateer. The next couple of days I played my Pirate, Glenn Morgan, but then John talked to his brother and his bro decided to play. So we decided on a three man group, and coincidentally there’s only 3 classes per faction in PotBS (save for pirates, who are just pirates). So I kept my Privateer, John rolled a Freetrader, and John’s Bro (who’s name is Tom and will be referred to as such from here on) rolled a Naval Officer. It was quite apparent from the get go that we are all experienced MMO players, we were owning shit right from the get go. Granted, missions are easier in a group. Unfortunately the actual “group required” quests require 4 people, so we need to hook a last person to round us out. I suppose two of one class wouldn’t be terrible. Not sure what the more desirable of the 3 is though, having only played a Privateer. Anyhow, we rolled up our toons and started out for a few hours of awesome gameplay.

Here’s some screens of the Silvas; Jorge, Juan, and Armando (we suggested Tom go with Tomas, but he decided against it):


My toon, Jorge, is on the right, in all Brown. John, Juan, is in the center, and Tom, Armando, is on the left.


A side view. I think we held true to the fashions of the times, creating outfits that really spoke of the class wearing it. At least, in my opinion.

Aside from the little time playing PotBS, I also went bowling on Friday night, with Gina, Shawn, Crystal, Howard, Amanda, and Crystal’s friends Alex and I can’t remember his girlfriend’s name. Anyway, we bowled and had some beers, and it was a good time.

We started a little matinee run of Lord of the Rings, as Gina hadn’t seen any of them all the way through, nor all of them that close together, so she had forgotten a lot of the story line. Plus, I have all 3 extended versions, so the movies are longer, with more depth. We watched one Friday in the afternoon, and the other two on Saturday, as we were hung over and didn’t want to do much else. I didn’t do anything really on Saturday, as I knew we were going out of town on Sunday, and I needed to be rested for that.

Yesterday we went to Knotts Berry Farm. It hasn’t been too long since we went last summer, but we always bring the kids so we don’t get to ride any of the “good” rides. The kids were at their Dad’s however, so we got to ride exactly what we wanted. Herbie and Megan were going and we got invited (the selling point really being that the tickets were half off, so we got in the gates for a mere $50), so we had planned on it. They met us at our house at about 11:30, and we piled into our car and headed out. We went to the park, rode rides we hadn’t be able to previously, ate some food, and had a good time in general. I would have posted some pictures, but Megan had the camera, so I have to wait to get them. We didn’t stay too late, and I managed to make it home in time to kill the rest of the night with PotBS.

I ordered my rims on Friday, but unfortunately I didn’t get the exact ones I wanted. I linked these rims a while back, and these are the rims I got a quote on. They ended up being a bit more than what I was originally quoted (which was $800 back when I first posted about it). So we looked around a bit, and finally settled on these ones. I’m not as thrilled with them as I was the Tenzos, but they will suffice. I’m just happy to be able to afford a large purchase such as this.

And that concludes another thrilling episode. Stay tuned.