Money in the Bank

Both my State and Federal tax returns were deposited into my account last week. I got the $200 from State at the beginning of the week, and unfortunately had to use it on bills. But my near $700 Federal return was deposited at the end of the week, and I didn’t have to use it for bills. It was actually supposed to be more like $750, but H&R Block fees were taken out of it, so whatever. At the end of the week, Gina finally got her back pay check that’s been owed to her, along with a regular check, and after figuring out bills, we had quite a bit left. I still am not trying to dip into my return though, as it’s going towards rims for the car. I just have to wait for her return to come through (which they say is supposed to be deposited on the 19th) so I have enough for the rims, and we’ll be paying off credit cards and other shit as well. Gina said something about buying a new digital camera, and there’s some other larger purchases we’re looking at. Guess we’ll see when the time comes.

So having a bunch of extra cash, we went out for a little while on Friday night. We ended up going over to Cool Cat, where I wanted to look for a cd. I couldn’t find any of the cds I was looking for though, and ended up settling on something I hadn’t set out for. I was originally looking for the DragonForce cd that has the song from Guitar Hero 3 on it (called “Through the Fire and Flames”), and they had their other two albums, but not that one. Same thing happened with Chimera, and a couple others. It wasn’t working out for me. I saw a cd I had contemplated buying a while back, from a band called War of Ages, called “Pride of the Wicked”. I ended up buying it. It’s pretty good, though there is a bit of religion sprinkled in there, which I think has no place in the world of metal, but nonetheless their musicianship is good, so fuck it.

Gina managed to find a couple things she wanted in the store as well, including a new pair of creepers, and a couple t-shirts. $120 later, we left the store with some goods. We ended up going to Ted’s that night and ate dinner there (Ted’s a pretty good cook by the way), and then listened to tunes, drank beer, and me and Ted played some chess. He made his own chess board to go with some pieces he had acquired, and it was pretty nice. We had a decent time, but eventually it got late (for day shifters that is), so we came home.

Yesterday I made plans to go out of town. I told Gina the night before that we were going out, but I didn’t tell her exactly what we’d be doing. I really wanted to go to Best Buy because not only has it been a long time since I’d been there, but they always have better choices and sometimes better prices on things. I had a few things I wanted to look at, but of course I ended up leaving with different things than I set out to get. The first order of business was to look at their selection of ipod radios. We had looked at some at Wal-mart and they not only had a shitty selection, but everything was a bit high priced. Best Buy ended up having a good selection, but prices were still $50+. We decided to wait on that. Only reason I want one is for when we’re hanging out in the garage, because we don’t smoke in the house; it’s rather quiet out there and we all love music.

So after skipping the ipod radio, I wanted to see if they had the 1st Lord of the Rings extended edition. They did, and it was only $20, so I picked that up. I also wanted to check on the DragonForce cd I mentioned earlier, and they had it as well, so I picked that up too. Also while browsing the DVDs I ran across a new box set that I didn’t have. I didn’t even know Aqua Teen Hunger Force had new episodes (shows how much T.V. I watch), but they had a new season out, number 5. I had to have that as well. Finally, I wanted to check out what computer games they had, and after pouring through the titles, I ended up picking one out. It’s a little older, but it was only $20 so it was a steal. The game was Heroes of Might and Magic V, and after trying it out last night, it’s much like its predecessors, but still a very fun game. Gina also found a couple Foo Fighters cds that she wanted, and I got those for her as well.

After leaving Best Buy, Gina reminded me that we needed to get something for Lily for her birthday, which is on Tuesday. So we headed over to the mall to check things out. We ended up in the Disney store, and bought her a cute little princess outfit, which I know she will like. After that we just walked around the mall, there wasn’t really anything else I was interested in looking at. We did end up at Hot Topic and Gina got one last thing; I looked at the shirts and though they had some shirts of bands I like, they didn’t have anything in my size so I was assed out. We left the mall shortly thereafter, and I took her out to eat at T.G.I.Friday’s. Lunch was tasty, and then we headed home.

We were supposed to do a multitude of things last night, a bunch of people were talking about doing something, but we ended up staying in all night. Well, at least I did. Gina went to her friend’s in Beaumont for a couple hours, while I stayed at home playing the new computer game. A couple friends ended up going to Soboba and I’m not allowed to drink there, so there was no point in me going. Mostly everyone else called it an early night, so we didn’t do anything else exciting.

Today I had planned on going and seeing a movie, but after recently checking the showtimes, I found that there isn’t a single movie in the theater right now that I’m remotely interested in. So I’ve scratched that. At this point in time, a bunch of our friends have said that they want to hang out, but that probably won’t happen until later, if at all. I’m pretty much content with just chilling out, but I’m sure we’ll probably end up out somewhere.

That’s about all for now.