Back in Norrath…

At last.

I believe that I was mistaken a month ago when I said I was finally over my doldrums, as far as EQ2 goes. I re-subscribed and didn’t really want to play my mains, so I created a couple alts. I believe there was something in there about a correlation between race and class for me, but it really was irrelevant. The alts were played portions of 3 days out of the entire month, and really that was just at the beginning of the month, in a short amount of time. Then I spent the rest of the month really having a social life, and not really spending much time on the computer.

It’s almost time for my subscription to be paid again. I’ve only played one more day in the remaining month, which actually occurred this month. I can say I really enjoyed my time, and I’m definitely paying for another month. My line up has changed again, as follows:

Thalinos Hatebreeder, 70 Dwarf Paladin.
Izlain U’Owt, 75 Ratonga Brigand.
Scabz, 10 Kerra Inquisitor.

I remember in that last EQ-related post, I mentioned something about hating casting based classes, which includes healers and mages. I’m not sure what I was feeling at the time, but I meant that then. But after having toyed with this inquisitor, I’m feeling a little differently about healers. It’s a pretty cool class over all so far, and I think once I get some reactives I can truly gauge the class’ soloability. I’m thinking going Battle Priest will help with his ability to solo, and then if I end up getting guilded with him then I might respec to a healing build. I’m not going to put that much thought into it for now… my alts have short life spans. That and WAR is coming some day, and who knows where any of these toons will end up if I leave the game for good. Not that I can say what will happen when I do finally play that game… chances are it could suck.

So yeah, that’s about all that’s going on in Norrath.