Long Winded

This is going to be a rather long post, be warned.

I’m adjusted to Day shift quite well. Today was the 2nd day of my 3rd week, and I can say that I’m completely satisfied with the job again. I’ve managed to get into bed between 11 and midnight every night, and I’m getting up at 7, so at least I’m getting sleep now. The first week I was getting to bed at midnight but not being able to fall asleep until 2 or 3. It’s amazing how fast the body can adjust, considering I am a night person, and I’ve been living the night life for the past 3 years straight. Then again, the adjustment is mostly due to the fact that I’ve moved to a more “natural” schedule, if I went from day to grave I’m sure it would take a lot longer to become acclimated. All in all, work has been good.

In Music news, I picked up yet another cd, this time from the band All That Remains. I got their newest effort, “The Fall of Ideals”, and it’s really good. The interesting thing about the band is that they are a mix of different sub-genres of metal, mixing some melody, some amazing guitar solos, lots of screaming, a little singing, and even a growl or two. They sound like a cross between As I Lay Dying, From Autumn to Ashes, and The Human Abstract, if I had to break it down. Nonetheless, it’s good shit, and I’m sure I’ll end up purchasing their other albums. In just a few days, Machinae Supremacy releases a new album, entitled “Overworld”. For some reason or another I haven’t bought their previous release “Redeemer”, only their first album, so I decided that once the new one is released I’m going to order both at once. They’re a Swedish band, so the cds are sold for Euros, which means the two discs are going to cost me almost $50, but it’s well worth it in my opinion. I also discovered another metal band through Guitar Hero III, who remind me a lot of Masu; Dragonforce. They have one song on GHIII, and it’s pretty cool. I plugged the band into Pandora however, and every song that played from they was freakin’ sweet. The local record store had one of their albums (the name escapes me at the moment), and I’m going to see about getting all three, because the band appeals to my inner nerd, much like Masu does.

This last weekend was pretty busy. Friday was Gina’s birthday, so starting last Monday I started spreading the word around work that we were going to be having a party at our house. I even made some fliers and handed those out. Many people said they would come, however only a few actually made it. After I got off work I went out the get Gina a little gift (and picked up the aforementioned cd), and then I came home and cleaned up the house a bit. Don was the first person to show up at about 7, and we got to drinkin’ right then and there. John had taken Gina out to dinner, so they didn’t get back until about 8. Ted, Martin and Martin’s sister arrived shortly thereafter, and that was it for a while. Eventually Howard, Herbie, and Megan showed up, and then John’s friend Ron and his girlfriend showed. Tyler made an appearance too, and apparently a few more people came later on, but I passed out way early. Just before midnight I got the spins and went in my room and crashed out. I guess Shawn and Crystal and Amanda showed up after that, and another group of girls told us later that they came by, but the party was already over. All in all I was a little disappointed with the turn out, but I was happy that the people I truly wanted there showed up. Everyone I talked to afterward said they had a good time.

 Somehow or another I didn’t have much of a hangover when I woke up the next morning at 9:45, and I couldn’t sleep anymore either. Me and Gina ran a couple errands that morning, and then that evening was Tyler’s birthday party, so of course we went to that. The second I got there I fell out of the mood. I didn’t want to drink, and I didn’t really want to hang out there either. We only stayed for a couple hours, and then I called around to try and find something else to do. We ended up meeting Howard at a bar, and I had one beer and then we went home for the night.

Sunday morning I was up by 10, and we had a craving for KFC so we headed out. After eating we hung out for a little while, trying to figure out where we were going to watch the Superbowl. We ended up talking to Howard, and decided to go with him to his parents house, whom I hadn’t seen for a couple years at least (though their cool as hell). We spent most of the remainder of the evening there, and had a pretty good time doing so. Amanda ended up coming over later and after the game we all decided to go to a bar again, though this time it was one I had never been to before. It was pretty lame, but the good news is that they have cheap beer.

The game was awesome. I’m sure there’s tons of commentary one could read on millions of other websites, so I’ll spare the details. I just know that it was the best football game I’ve seen in years; I think the last time I was that into it, was when the Packers went to the Superbowl against the Patriots, and I believe that was in 97 or 98. Don’t get me wrong, I was stoked that the Giants managed to eliminate Dallas, but then I was pissed when they eliminated Green Bay, but I had to root for them against New England, simply because I hate that team, and I truly hate Tom Brady. The only reason I even watched the damn game (though I would have missed out if I didn’t) was to try to catch a glimpse of the single tear that needed to roll down Brady’s face when his “perfect” team lost the Superbowl to a wild card team. I didn’t get to commit that image to memory, but he was definitely glassy eyed, and that was enough for me. Fuck the Patriots, and fuck Tom Brady. So there.

I’ve been getting into something I like to call “Retro Gaming”. Most people would probably consider a game retro if it was from the early nineties or late eighties, but I’m not talking quite that far back (though I have been hunting for a good genesis emulator and a rom copy of Shining Force). Basically, in my hiatus from MMO playing (there will be more on this in a bit) I’ve searched high and low for other things to do. Honestly I’ve been spending a lot less time on the computer in general. Aside from playing CoD4, I’ve also tried (or watched John play) a bunch of old games in either my or John’s libraries. I’ve also been wanting to get in touch with my Dad about borrowing some old games, such as Diablo 2, Baldur’s Gate 2, and maybe a few others. I thought about picking up the Diablo 2 warchest, but they want $40 for it at Wal-mart and I’m not paying that for a game that old. Anyway, I’ve been playing old games, and have been having some fun. The game we’ve gotten stuck on at the moment is Warcraft III. John still hasn’t finished the single player campaigns, so he’s been playing that, and I’ve been making multi-player maps in my spare time, which we’ve been trying out against the computer. In testing, we’ve found flaws and I’ve been editing the map, trying to tweak it into perfection. I have more ideas, and I plan to continue toying around with the editor. I used to make maps for Starcraft back in the day, so the editor is familiar, though the WC one is much more advanced. That game will have to do until Starcraft II comes out, then it’s going to be on like donkey kong, and at least the game will be modern.

I’m still waiting for Warhammer Online to set a release date. It’s not likely to happen anytime soon though, though I’m still excited about the game. The January newsletter was released last week, and there’s some more interesting information contained within it, but I’m not going to bother posting anything about it, because it’s now old news. Since the game is still months away, I’ve ended up thinking about EQ2 a lot. I resubscribed back in the beginning of January, and I played a whopping 3 times all month. But the main reason for this was because I was still feeling burned out on the ROK grind, so I rolled an alt, and that got boring fast. I think I finally want to play my main again, and that’s probably the first step towards recovery. I think I’m going to be back at the game again very soon, but I’m not making any promises as to when. I’m less likely to stick to a deadline if I set one, so I’m just sticking with “soon”. Some of the variety I’ve had over the last couple months away from any MMO has been refreshing, and I don’t want to trap myself in the mindset that I’m only having fun if I’m playing <insert MMO name here>.

I think I’m caught up now. There are more things to write about, but this post is already long enough. Plus, if I save something for later then there won’t be such a long delay between posts. See, I’m smarter than I look.