Not yet, but soon…

So originally I was told I’d be going to day shift two weeks from today. Then, I was told there was a possibility I’d be going today. My boss was supposed to get back with me before the end of shift that day, but didn’t. At work, I asked a supervisor if he knew anything about it, and he said that I’d be going in a week. So a week sooner than expected. He also mentioned that he thought I was getting weekends off. This would be the best case scenario, getting to go to day shift and getting the weekends off. I’d be ok with Friday/Saturday though. The only catch is, day shift does their day off scheduling differently. Instead of giving the days, and then being stuck with them forever, they do bi-annual performance evaluations, and you get to pick your days off based on this. I suppose that’s nice for the newer people, so they aren’t stuck with crappy days off, but for those of us with some seniority (believe it or not, I’m pretty high up on the list, having put in almost 3 years there), it’s kind of shitty to lose your days off. Then again, those of us that have been there a while should have better performance than the newbies. Anyway, I’ll be going to days soon, and I’m starting to get excited about it.

This past weekend was pretty chill. I got paid on Thursday, so on Friday it was bill payin’ time. We finally got caught up on pretty much everything, having been behind for some months now. We returned our second computer to Aaron’s, and now only having to pay for the furniture brought the bill down considerably. We decided that the computer wasn’t getting enough use, and Gina really wants a laptop anyway. So she’s going to try and get one of those with her tax return. After paying off bills and whatnot, having a little bit of cash left over, we ran some other errands and bought some shit. I ended up grabbing another As I Lay Dying cd, this time their previous album “Shadows are Security”. It’s pretty good, though I think I like “An Ocean Between Us” better. The cover art for SaS inspired a new tattoo idea though, and I think it’s going to fit nicely where I decided to put it.

After dicking around a bit we went to Wally World and got some grocery shopping out of the way. Then we came home and chilled out. Gina ended up going to her friend’s house, and me and John hung out and played some video games. Gina came home after a while and we all had some drinks and hung out. We watched a movie before bed, and called it a night pretty early.

On Saturday, Ted was having a party. I got up in the afternoon and hung out for a while, eating some food, watching some movies, playing some games. Tyler ended up calling me later in the evening and told us we should head over at around 9, since the party should be going by then. We arrived a little after that, because I wanted to make sure to make a late arrival, as the first few parties we went to there were boring until later on. They got a keg of Blue Moon, which isn’t a beer I really care for, but I drank it anyway. Shit, it was free. There weren’t nearly as many people at this party compared to some of the others, but it was more comfortable. We bullshitted with a variety of people, and got a pretty good buzz going. Highlights of the night: Shot Ted’s airsoft gun in the back yard, watched Ted and Brett rocking out upstairs (Ted on guitar, Brett on drums), talked even more shit to a guy I made fun of at a previous party for wearing a cowboy hat.

Overall it was pretty fun, but somewhat lame at the same time. It died out early, and we were home by 4 if I had to guess. I ate some food before bed and crashed out. This morning I was pretty well hung over, and I really didn’t feel like going to work. But halfway through the night I felt a lot better, and I’m fine now. Glad I don’t have to work day shift tomorrow though.

EQ2-wise, I haven’t been playing. I’m definitely past the burn out, I just have been busy, and though I do intend to play, I never get to it. I think changing to day shift will be a good thing in that respect, as I’ll be able to play during prime time, and hopefully that means getting more shit done. But who knows. That’s all for now.