The Life of a Nerd

Since it’s been a couple days since I posted last, I figured I might as well throw out a few updates.

I maxed out my level on Call of Duty 4. I’m still playing the game, but now it sort of feels like “I beat it”. John got paid and decided he needed a copy as well, so we’ve spent a few nights blastin’ fools. It’s been pretty fun, and I definitely like it a whole lot more than #2.

I’ve played TBFME2 a little here and there. I’m about half-way (if I had to guess) through both the good and evil campaigns. It’s a pretty decent game, but after all of the RTS games I’ve played, it kind of feels like “played one, played ’em all”. I’m hoping Starcraft 2 doesn’t fit the mold, because some game needs to break out of it. Then again, SC is what made me truly love RTS, so I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to make it ground breaking again. If nothing else, I loved the story around that game, so it will be more entertaining I think.

I bought a new cd. Discovered a new band, sort of. I’ve been listening to Metal (including sub-genres) for a little over a year now, and I’m constantly looking for new bands. Usually if I like a band, I spend a little time going back and getting all of their cds as well. The new band for me, is As I Lay Dying. The way I would describe their sound is like a mix between Unearth and older From Autumn to Ashes. They music is similar to the former, nice and heavy, but they use dual lyricists (either that or the guy sounds drastically different when he sings as compared to screaming) like FATA does. Despite the fact I always try to compare things to make things easier to understand, it’s irrelevant. You’ll either like them or not, and I happen to like them. They recently released the album I just picked up, called “An Ocean Between Us”, but I found my local record store carried all of their other releases, including a re-issue deal of their demo type stuff. Those are most likely the next cds I’ll buy.

Well, I bit the bullet. I went just over a month without playing EQ2, and last night I re-subscribed. The good news is, I’m having fun with the game again. I logged in my two main toons and disbanded them from their guild. The reason for this is that I don’t want the added pressure of feeling like I should be grinding out levels so I can raid. I realized that when EOF released my Paladin wasn’t max level, and I wasn’t in any real hurry to get there. Once I did hit max level, I was doing group oriented stuff, and getting some pretty decent gear. I was playing at my pace, and enjoying things more thoroughly. This is what I should have been doing when ROK released, but instead I was trying to “keep up with the opies” (guild name: wrath of opie). So I’m playing around with lowbies, and I’m going to keep my mains unguilded until they’re level 80. Fortunately, I know I’m not the only one out there who isn’t level 80 yet, and hasn’t raided the new content.

The other good news is that since I’ll be playing the game again, I’ll have more to write about. My blog was slipping into nothingness, much how it was before I started blogging about gaming. I’m sure you noticed a lack of posts, if you’re one of my faithful readers.

The only bad news, is that I never see anyone online that I know. Maybe that will change soon. I have a feeling that I’ll finally be getting transferred to day shift soon, as my Manager was asking me some questions about it today. That means I’ll be on during peak time more often, and that should make things a bit more interesting.

 That’s about all for now. Stay tuned.