2007 in Review

I would say that I’m jumping on the bandwagon, making a “year in review” post, and since I’m the last of most of the blogs I read to do so, that would lead you believe it’s true. But seeing as how I have two other similar posts in my archive (here and here), I suppose it’s fair to say I’m not copying anyone. So without further comment, here goes:

January: We had moved into a new place shortly before the beginning of the new year, and were still settling in. I joined the Science Fiction Book Club (which I still belong to), and made my first selection of books (some of which I still haven’t read). I started branching out musically, and grew a fondness for metal and hardcore, genres I hadn’t touched on previously. I got sick towards the end of the month (and I think I’m getting sick now as well), and I even quit smoking. Quitting didn’t last long though.

February: I read one of the books I received from the SciFi Book Club. Stephen King’s Cell was a great twist on the zombie genre. Our tax returns came and went, and were mostly spent on paying off credit cards and other assorted bills. One of my wisdom teeth was giving me issues, and I went to the dentist for the first time in years. They prescribed me some pain meds and made an appointment for me to have my wisdom teeth removed, but I never attended it. After only a couple months of living at the house we were at, the first of many problems reared it’s ugly head. Our garage door opener took a dump on us, and we were unable to use it for a large chunk of the month, mainly because landlords and owners never take care of shit as well as you could take care of it yourself.

March: In March I got into an old hobby of mine. At some point at work a chess board appeared in the break room. Me and my friend Ted (who still worked with me then) were talking about stuff we used to do and chess was something we had in common, so we started taking lunch breaks at the same time so we could play some chess. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. Gina started working a new job at the casino, but was on grave shift, so we were seeing a lot less of each other, and things started to suck a little bit because of it. Some beef I had with old friends was wiped from the slate, and I started hanging out with people a little more often. It was a nice change of pace from the day-in and day-out grind of working/playing EQ. In fact, I hit my first EQ2 burnout stage, having played the game for a year straight, with no real breaks.

April: Gina and I took a short break from each other, mainly caused from our lack of contact and communication. We ended up resolving our differences, and things made a huge leap forward. She also got moved from graveyard to swing shift (with me), and we got to spend a lot more time together, and I no longer had to pull all-nighters. My EQ2 hiatus ended and I went back to the game, but left the guild that me and my Dad (along with some others) created. I ended up having a pretty decent time being unguilded for a while.

May: Time Warner finally took over Adelphia as my cable provider, and as such, my webspace and email were changed. Gina and I set our wedding date in November (though it would get pushed back later in the year), and near the end of the month we hit our two year anniversary. At work, a decision was made to let the officers pick their own days off, according to seniority. I ended up going from having Tuesday/Wednesday off to Friday/Saturday. This was a nice change, and I was happy with it. Raiding was finally attainable with this schedule, as I was previously unable to raid with any guild I had been in (weekend raid schedules).

June: I started raiding in EQ2 with my Dad’s guild. Raids were a success and I was actually getting some decent drops, so I left the guild I had joined after leaving ours, and joined the one he was in. I raided with the guild every weekend, and it was a lot of fun. I ended up paying off my bed and my lazy boy that we had leased from Aaron’s (like rent-a-center, rent to own bullshit). I started getting back into buying DVDs, as I had been slacking on that in previous months. We also went out and saw some movies, or I took the kids. I also started getting into listening to talk radio while I was at work, particularly 97.1 (here in SoCal). I wrote a rebuttal to a topic that was on the Tom Leykis show, and you can view that here.

July: I wrote another article inspired by Tom Leykis. Click here for that. Shortly thereafter, I made the move to WordPress, and I haven’t looked back. I took an interest in the paranormal, mostly because a couple friends from work totally believe in ghosts and spirits. I never have believed, but they showed me some pictures and video that were intriguing. We then played with a Ouija board one night, and this furthered my interest. Finally, we planned a ghost hunting trip, and traveled around Riverside and San Bernardino counties, looking for crazy shit. We had some interesting things happen, but nothing like you would see in a horror flick. I also decided to start blogging about gaming in general, and EQ2 in particular. This established my page in the community, and I started linking and receiving links from other players.

August: Since we finished paying off our shit from Aaron’s, we decided we needed more stuff. We ended up getting a living room set and a second computer. The living room set was very functional, and was nice for hanging out, and the second computer was immediately equipped with an EQ2 account, and Gina started playing with me. We were “chosen” by a stray cat as its owner this month, and Marilyn became a new family member. We had our annual family vacation supplied by the casino, which has been tickets to Knotts Berry Farm for the 2nd year now. The kids enjoyed it, but me and Gina weren’t really in the mood, and it was too damn hot. Otherwise, I blogged a lot about EQ2, and music in general.

September: I set up a WordPress account for Gina, and Poison Apples was born. I left the guild I was in with my Dad, and found a new home with the guild I would remain in until recently, Wrath of Opie. I tried out LON, and found that it was a pointless and irritating game, lacking the depth that sucked me into M:TG, and never played it again. Because part of my recruitment into WOO was based on leveling up my Brigand alt, I ended up working on that more often than not, and my Paladin began to collect dust. A couple of my friends from work (the ghost hunters) got married, and I was the designated cameraman. I took somewhere around 800 pictures during the day, and a good time was had by all. Sleeping on the floor sucks though, that’s for sure. Oh, and I got my MoA on my Paladin.

October: We had made a somewhat silent resolution to quit drinking, but then went back on it. It sounded good in theory, but neither of us were ready to just cut out that portion of our lives. We started hanging out with people more often, and it was a lot of fun when we did get out. I grinded my Brigand a lot, and got him into T6. I would take small breaks here and there to do more socially oriented things, and then I would go back and grind some more. The new Coheed and Cambria album was released, and of all the cds I bought over the year, this one deserves the most mention. It was pure awesomeness. We ended up having a falling out with the people whose wedding we attended, and haven’t really talked to them since (aside from the fact that I work with them, so it’s been all work related).

November: My Brigand moved into T7 in the early part of the month. He ended up being level 68 when ROK was released. After a lot more grinding, he was level 75 the last time I played, being stuck in the Kunzar Jungle. ROK was awesome for a little while, and then I just lost interest in the game. My vacation finally came on the 13th (ROK release day), and I played EQ2 for a bit during the beginning of vacation. At the end of my vacation, I was packing and moving into the house I currently live in. I started a new feature for my site, The Norrathian Newbie, which was aimed at newer players but was intended to help out vets as well, though this was short lived. Thanksgiving was great, and so were some of the parties I attended while on vacation, but as with all other good things, it had to come to an end.

December: My EQ2 doldrums began. I hadn’t played much due to the move, and I didn’t get to play until I had been in the new house for over a week. Then once I did get to play, it became boring. I tried to liven things up with some pvp, but those toons were deleted almost before they were created. I officially cancelled my EQ2 account this month, and am looking forward to WAR, which I finally started paying attention to. Christmas was great and I made out like a bandit, and so did the rest of the family. My little corner of the Internet felt a little bit bigger, having amassed over 10,000 hits since I started using wordpress, not even 6 months later. Also having given up on EQ2, I took an interest in non-MMOs again, buying CoD4, and an older RTS game, Battle for Middle-Earth II. This coupled with the fact that I have a room mate who enjoys games as much as I do, has led me to having a lot of fun outside of MMOs. It’s a liberating experience, though I know I will get sucked back into the world of MMOs sooner or later.

Overall it was a pretty good year. As with years past, there were ups and downs, but that’s life isn’t it? I have no New Year’s resolutions, and I have nothing that I want to try and predict. All I want is a drama-free life, and every year I work harder at achieving that goal.