10,000 Hits

I’m amazed at how fast it happened. In just 6 months, I’ve had 10,000 hits to this page. That’s nothing compared to huge corporate websites, but for a humble little corner of the internet, it’s not bad. Considering I’ve had my myspace up for over 2 years, and it’s seen only half of those hits, I’d say that’s pretty good. Though there really isn’t any substance to that page. Still, I’m happy to have seen this landmark come and go.

Burnout is among us. Not only am I burned out on EQ2, but some other people I’ve talked to are getting burned out on their respective MMO (mostly WoW). It seems people are aching for the “next gen mmo”, but none have really been released yet. I’ve shown John the Warhammer website, and he’s dying to try it just as much as I am.

Yesterday my Dad and Aunt came out for a visit. We did a little gift exchange, and then we went out to dinner. Mimi’s just opened up out here, so we gave that a whirl. It was pretty decent. My Dad managed to give me a rash of shit for quitting EQ2 (however temporary it might be), and it did make me think about it for the first time in a while, but not enough to want to play it.

Day before last (Friday), I had some errands to run, including depositing my check and paying some bills, along with doing some gift exchanges. The AFI shirt my Mom bought (that was too big) was replaced with a Johnny Cash shirt. The jeans Gina bought me (that were too small) were replaced with a pair that fit. We also got an Avenged Sevenfold sticker for the car, and I bought a new computer game. I ended up picking out LOTR: The Battle For Middle-Earth II. It’s a little old now, having released in ’06, but the graphics are still pretty decent, and the game play is pretty damn fun. I ended up trying it out last night, and it’s definitely better than I expected. The game has a similar concept to Warcraft III, but there’s a level of depth and a few intricacies that make it original enough.  And it’s based on the LOTR world, and that’s always a good thing. Not bad for only $10.

Otherwise I’ve been playing CoD4 like mad. I’ve almost managed to max my level out, and I’ve been working on all the little challenges in the game. It’s a refreshing sight to see a FPS with some depth. Definitely adds replay ability.

I guess I’m running low on blogging ideas because I’m not writing about an MMO. They do tend to have a lot of detail to write about. I can’t wait to get into beta for Warhammer, or for it to come out. I know there will plenty of topics to cover once that is released. So for now, I bid you adieu, I shall return soon.