The Xmas Bandit

Christmas is here finally and I really didn’t get to enjoy it. I spent my day sleeping, and when I got up I had to get ready for work. I spent the remainder of Christmas at work, and that’s no bueno.

Christmas Eve on the other hand, was better. Gina went and picked up the kids from their Dad’s, and when they got back, she woke me up and we watched the girls open up their gifts. After they got everything opened, we headed over to my Mom’s house, as tradition is, we do our gift exchange on Christmas Eve.

When we arrived, my Sister and her boyfriend were already there, so we got started right away. Time was limited for me, as I had to work that day as well. After the exchange we ate some grub and I headed off for work. I ended up getting X-men: The Last Stand (which finished off my collection), this hoodie (which is awesome, I needed a new one badly), an AFI t-shirt, a Smith and Wesson pocket knife, a spider man poster, and a $25 Best Buy gift card. Me and Gina also got a combined gift, a set of red pots and pans, which are pretty damn nice.

Earlier in the week, because we can never seem to wait, me and Gina exchanged gifts. Aside from the gifts she ended up getting the day we did our Christmas shopping, I also had some gifts tucked away, and she was happy with the remainder. She got me a new belt (Misfits pattern), a new wallet (with cobwebs, complete with chain), some cologne (Anchor Blue), and a new pair of jeans. The jeans, along with the t-shirt my Mom got me, were the wrong size, so this weekend I need to go to the mall and exchange those. Overall though, I think I made out like a bandit, and I’m happy with everything I got. It was all very functional this year, and I like stuff like that.

Today something strange happened. When I got out of bed, I noticed John was out in the backyard, so I went out there to have my morning smizzie (slang, cigarette). While I was smoking, I realized that my dog wasn’t running circles around me, and I was curious as to why. I asked John if he had seen the dog, and he said “no”. So I went back inside and asked Gina, and she hadn’t seen him either. I looked around the yard, in the garage, and out front, and nothing. He vanished into thin air. I can’t seem to figure out what the hell happened to him. There’s a short point in the fence that he might have been able to clear, but that’s uncertain. The gate was closed, so he couldn’t have gotten out that way. Either he jumped the fence, or someone let him out, but I can’t figure out which. Either way, he’s long gone now.

I would be bummed out about it, but we were planning on giving him up anyway. Reason being, is that he’s got some behavioral issues that we could work out, but that would take a lot of time and effort. I don’t really want to put out the time, or the effort, so we were trying to find someone who would want to put out the effort to train him. Now we don’t have to bother, since he’s gone anyway. Strange thing.

Aside from the holidays, I’m pretty much just hanging out. I cancelled my subscription to EQ2, and I don’t intend on going back. I intend to play other games and whatnot until WAR is released, and then I’ll be playing that. For now, I’m playing CoD4, some CoD2 here and there, and I’m trying out a couple games that John has that I’ve never played before. The couple I want to try are Dungeon Keeper 2, and Stronghold. Both are pretty old, but they look like enjoyable games, so more on that later.

This weekend my Dad and my Aunt are coming out for a visit, and also for gift exchange. Neither of them have seen my new pad, and my Aunt hasn’t come out this way in a long time, so it’ll be nice to have the family over, instead of having to make the drive. Otherwise, I don’t have any plans in the near future. Stay tuned though, that tends to change.