So as I mentioned last post, the thought of playing on a PvP server again came up. I played PvP once before, shortly after I had started playing the game. I had a defiler and a dirge, both whom I played into the 30s, but I ended up going back to PvE where people I knew were playing. PvP was somewhat borked back then, and what a difference time has made.

Griefing was reduced when the eligible for PvP level ranges were reduced. Of course, major gankage can still occur while playing in unlimited zones, but in the newbie areas it’s not as bad as it had been. The inability to zone while in PvP combat change reduced runners, and not allowing evac while in PvP combat helped as well. Now, what I feel is the most important fix of them all, and also one of the main reasons I thought about going back to PvP, has finally happened. The elimination of twinked, level locked characters. During my brief stint in PvP in the past, it was impossible to avoid being ganked over an over in the lower tiers, as you were trying to quest or do something useful. It got to the point it wasn’t even worth doing anymore, and that was part of my decision to leave. Of course I wasn’t horrible, and I didn’t have a bad KvD ratio, but the annoyance was enough. Now these players will be forced to level, and eventually get to the end game. This will promote end game pvp, where the challenges should be more bountiful, and more fun. The only down side is that there will most likely be dry spots throughout the tiers, since people will either be just starting out, or capped. Still, I think it’s a good thing over all, and though there will still be twinks, people like me can start again and not have to worry too much.

So I did away with the Brigand I thought I had decided on having as my PvPer. The thought of grinding out the same exact class again didn’t sit right with me. Also, having read a post over at Average Joe, I decided on another class. I rolled an assassin today before work, and I’m liking him so far. Similar play style to the Brigand, but different enough to not feel repetitive. I’m thinking I might also roll a shadowknight, mainly because I’m predisposed to scout/tank classes. I’ve tried to get into healers, and I’ve tried to get into casters, but the only 70+ toons I have are a tank and a scout. So I figure go with what you know right? So I’m going to have 2 high level PvE toons, and maybe I’ll end up with a couple high level PvPers. I never know, because just when I end up liking something, I change my mind and I go back to the tried and true. I just needed to get away from the endless ROK grind, and I think this escape has helped.

Otherwise I play Call of Duty 4, and that’s been loads of fun as well. This weekend I plan to do a little of both, and I know that I’m supposed to be helping John finally get moved in. After that’s said and done I know we need to do some grocery shopping, but that’s about all I have to do. I’m sure more stuff will come up, but that’s all I have for now.

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  1. Right on man. I love my Assasin so far. Currently only at 20 with a pretty big bump right now after I left Tim Deep, but I’m in no hurry.


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