Last Post til the Move

As I mentioned before, I would be busy, and I have been, but I’ve also managed to steal little bits of time for myself. All work and no play makes George a dull boy.

This will be my last post until the move, which is occurring over the next two days. I have an appointment for Friday in the early afternoon to get the cable turned on at the new place, so I’ll be moving the computer tomorrow and will be without it’s goodness until Friday after we’re done with what we have to do. So it’s going to be a little while, but I’ve gone that long before when I had my computer set up, so you probably wouldn’t have noticed had I not said anything.

Yesterday we finally got our car back from the dealership. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay a dime for anything. We had borrowed John’s truck, so took that to pick up the car, and I also took the opportunity to load up some more stuff in the back of it, which we dropped off at the new pad before returning his truck. Then we came home and that was really all I did yesterday. It’s been a slow process but it’s a’goin’.

In EQ2 land, I played for a few hours again last night. I got about 50% into level 75, along with gaining my 116th AA on the Brigand. Our guild is trying to start raiding again, but instead of challenging the new raid zones, we went to Emerald Halls. It was my first raid on the Brig, and it didn’t go as well as would have been expected. You would think that with most of the toons in the raid being 75+, we would have smoked that zone, and at first it appeared that we would, and then we got smacked down. Multiple times, on the same named. Of course, it’s not an easy encounter, but I thought our performance would have been better. So, we left the zone, and most of the guild logged out. I figured it was time to go harvesting again, and managed to get 3 more silicate loams, for a total of 4, and got those made into adept 3s. Other rares and trash loot got thrown on the broker or sold to the merchant. At the end of the day, I got rid of my xp debt from EH, and earned back the money and then some, that was spent on repairs. So it worked out alright. I progressed through a few more of the Kunzar Jungle quests, and though it’s the worst zone so far in my opinion, it’s starting to pick up. I finally called it a night, and I intend to play some more tonight, provided something else doesn’t come up.

Today I got up around noon, and my sister came over to pick up our old entertainment center. Long story short, she had the same one but loaned it to my mom. I bought mine, and after we got an upgrade it went in the kids’ room. The new kids’ room doesn’t have the space for it, so it was going to the dump, but my sister wanted it. So after they left with it, I decided it was time to do some yard work. I had a bunch of weeds to pull, bushes to cut, and swept up and cleaned up in general. It only took a couple hours, and now the outside of the house is in good shape.

Tomorrow is a big day. John is coming over, and we’re going to load his truck up with stuff that’s going to the dump. The dump is the halfway point to Gina’s Mom’s house, where we will be going afterwards. At her house, we’re picking up a relatively new washer/dryer for the new place, and will be bringing that back there. Then we will come back to the old place, and load up whatever won’t fit in our car, along with loading up our car with small stuff, and will be taking that over to the new house. After all that’s done, John will take off and we’ll gather up odds and ends in the car and get pretty much everything moved over there before the end of the night.

Friday, I have to go over to the new house in the morning, and wait for the cable company to show up to hook up the Internet. Gina is going to stay at the old house and wait for Aaron’s to show up and take the remainder of the furniture. Hopefully the times coincide, so that she can just call me and say that they’re on their way, and I can show them where to dump off the furniture. Once that’s all done, then I’ll go back to the old house and we’ll get everything cleaned up on the inside. We have to do a little bit of touch up on the paint, but the new residents liked the paint colors we used, so we don’t have to paint over everything, and that is a relief. Then we just have to vacuum, shampoo, and other general cleaning. It shouldn’t take too long. Then we can go to the landlord and drop of the keys, and wash our hands of this place.

The remainder of Friday and probably most of Saturday we’ll be unpacking and organizing the new place. That’s the last day of my Vacation and I’m sad about that, but all good things must come to an end. I hope to be able to relax and maybe drink a couple beers before the night is over, and then on Sunday it’s back to work.

At some point I’m also going to have to help John move his stuff to the new pad. He’s got a little more time than we did, so he doesn’t seem to be in much of a rush. I already agreed to help him move shit though, so it’s something that’s going to come up soon. And he lives in an upstairs apartment… tons of fun. But once it’s all over and we’re all settled in, it’s going to be great. We plan to live in this new place for at least 2-3 years, we’re tired of moving so damn much.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back when I can.