Moving Again…

Today we began to move. Thankfully this time around, our landlord was nice enough to give us the keys early (mainly so that we could water the grass throughout the month, as it was pretty dead; no one had lived there for months). We had given them some money up front to hold the place for us until next month, because other people were interested in it. Gina had packed some things earlier in the month, and today we took some boxes over to the new house, along with doing some preliminary cleaning. When we came home, I packed up some more odds and ends, and that’s ready to be taken over tomorrow. I want to have pretty much everything moved before the end of the month, so that we can clean this place and just turn over the keys on the first, and already be moved into the new place. It’s going much smoother already, compared to other times I’ve moved, where pretty much everything was done all in one day.

We have appointments made for things to be transferred over on the 30th, and Aaron’s is moving a large chunk of our furniture. I just need to get someone to help me move the last few pieces, and then we’ll be done. Of course, we still have to do some painting and cleaning here, so that’s not the last step, but it’s nice not to have to rush.

I’m not sure if my cable will be turned on over there right away, because I already know they may have to install some new outlets and whatnot, so I may not be posting much after today. The 30th is Friday, and we have a lot to do ahead of us, so I won’t have the time. My computer is one of the last things getting disconnected and moved, just so I can play EQ in my downtime, but I still don’t know how much time I will have.

After I was done for the day, I did manage to play EQ2 for a few hours. I decided that I wasn’t going to get significant upgrades to my combat arts very cheaply, so I should probably get my harvesting skills up to have them made. Most of my skills were sitting around 150, so I had to go all the way back to EL to start leveling them up. Then it was on to the Feerrott. Then Sinking Sands. Out of curiosity, I asked my Dad to examine a node in one of the RoK zones, and turns out in KP at least, the skill required is the same as the skill required in SS. So I said screw KoS, I’m going straight to KP. I did quite a bit of harvesting there, and ended up maxing out my mining for my level, along with getting most of the other skills up to around 300. I managed to get a few different rares throughout my travels, and put most up on the broker and made some coin off of that, along with getting one loam I needed for current adept 3s. So I think that leaves like 20 something to go. But you gotta start somewhere. Currently most of my CAs are sitting at adept 1, or apprentice 4, mainly because I never maxed out before the cap increase, so I never invested in adept 3s or masters. Nor did I have a chance to loot any. So apprentice 4s have actually been upgrades on some of my new CAs. I’m going to keep buying the cheap CAs as well, until I can harvest enough loams to make all of them into adept 3s, or loot masters. The only “real” upgrade I’ve gotten was my master II choice at 75. Did I mention I dinged 75?

I ran a few of the Kunzar Jungle quests, picking up where I left off a few days ago. I hadn’t played my Brig for a couple days, choosing instead to mess around in Timerous Deep with my Sarnak Wizard, and a Kerra Dirge I made day before last. Don’t know if I’ll keep either of them, but experiencing the newbie content was my aim. Today was a productive day, even if it doesn’t show up in the guild log. I did a lot of harvesting and made some coin, and I can finally harvest in current zones for rares that I need for upgrades, so that’s definitely something worthwhile. My Brig also got his 115th AA, so some progress was made nonetheless.

So as I said, I may not be on to post anything for the next few days. I’ll see you when I get back.